Get the new Bon Iver album early tonight at Electric Fetus

by Andrew Penkalski

For an artist who arrived doused in the solemnity of winter months, it seems like this summer may belong to Justin Vernon and the woeful sounds of Bon Iver.

The Eau Claire native and indie rock superstar will release his sophomore effort, “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” tomorrow (6/21) on Jagjaguar Records. Early Reviews have been slowly trickling in, and while the summer boys here in A&E found this latest effort to be all flourish and little substance, others have been gushing a bit more liberally over the release. But most critics are morons, and for all you know we likely are too. That’s why Electric Fetus is throwing a Bon Iver listening party tonight at their three locations for the eagerest of ears. 

The event, which begins at 7:00 p.m., is replete with a hodgepodge of promotional swag for the earliest attendees (e.g. posters, CD singles and a raffle.) So get there early if you want to net some freebies. In the meantime, quell your excitement with Bon Iver’s video for the record’s first single, “Calgary,” below.