Live Blog: Madia has small town celebration in Osseo

by Anna Ewart

11:20Madia walked in just minutes before Obama took the stage, and both men recieved a thunderous applause from the crowd. There were multiple people crying during Obama’s speech. With about 60 percent of votes reported, Madia trails by four percent. Madia has not addressed the crowd yet. 10:50 The final numbers for Brooklyn Center are in: Madia 7093; Paulsen 3958. The Brooklyn Center voting precinct is one of the most important in the race, said George Greene the Associate Chair for the Third Congressional District (DFL). But with about 40 percent of the precincts reporting, Madia is down by six percent and he’s losing ground to Paulsen. Brooklyn Park Eden Prairie and Bloomington precincts could hold onto their numbers until as late as midnight, Greene said. People are starting to leave the party. 10:15 More than 200 Ashwin Madia supporters are waiting anxiously in a packed American Legion Hall in Osseo–the town where Madia was raised. They’re waiting for the results for the Third Congressional District, but they’re also waiting for Madia to show up. He is apparently watching the election from home and plans to show up only if he is victorious. The race is currently too close to call. So far, no politicians have spoke, but the crowd is reenergized with news of Barack Obama’s win: “Obama! Obama! Obama!” 9:05 Results for the City of Osseo: Dillon 179, Madia 580, Paulsen 604. 8:37 With 10 of the 246 precincts reporting, Ashwin Madia is trailing Erik Paulsen by about six percentage points. 8:10 Madia’s party has a small-town feel; think chex mix and American flags.