Street style: Another spotlight at Aveda

The Aveda Institute Minneapolis’ annual fashion show paired local designers with cosmetology students on Saturday.

A model walks on the runway for the Catwalks for Water Aveda fashion show on Saturday, April 20 in Minneapolis.

Image by Jasmin Kemp

A model walks on the runway for the ‘Catwalks for Water’ Aveda fashion show on Saturday, April 20 in Minneapolis.

by Becca Most

On Saturday, the Aveda Institute Minneapolis’ annual fashion show paired local designers with cosmetology students for a 45-minute show full of iconic looks.

Highlighting creative haircuts, makeup and color, students boldly flaunted all the looks that had been dormant in winter.

While the runway was hard to turn away from, A&E snapshotted some of the folks in the audience who caught our eye.


What they wore: earrings and two-piece jumpsuit from Bittersweet Designs, black Zara shoes

Sporting a bright and spunky ensemble, Jeilah celebrated the end of winter in style. Although she’s modeled for Aveda before, this is her second year working as a DJ at the fashion show. Jeilah said this outfit is somewhat out of the ordinary for her because she normally dresses in less-vibrant vintage clothing. She classifies her style as “soul” and “vintage sleek.”

Vanessa Carberry

What they wore: Journeys shoes, JCPenney skirt, mom’s shirt, Claire’s bow, handmade beaded necklace, gifted pentagon necklace

Vanessa didn’t let the Aveda staff’s all-black dress code stop her from showcasing this iconic look. Sporting bubble-gum pink hair, a Hello Kitty tattoo and teal lipstick, she describes her style as “goth meets kawaii.” For us, this outfit was all in the details. From her blue tongue piercing to the cute stuffed animal hanging off her backpack, Vanessa pulls off a style completely her own.

 Nik Keller

What they wore: Urban Jungle jacket, Supreme shirt from Piff, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and shoes made by his girlfriend 

Nik came to the show to support his girlfriend, who is a student at Aveda. Pairing bright colors with classic t-shirt and denim, he kept his look simple and clean. After telling us where he got all of his clothes, he cheekily added that his boxers were from Supreme — way to flex on us, Nik.


What they wore: customized and self-modified Vans, Rude plaid pants, a Frankenstein’s monster T-shirt, personally altered H&M jacket, two chains from Gold Guys, customized silver chain

ScooterBoi is clear evidence that DIY fashion works. A popular hip-hop rapper in the Twin Cities, he also designed some of the streetwear showcased in the fashion show. One of his specialities is making custom clay art worn as a necklace, which two of his other friends were sure to show off at the show on Saturday.

Derrick Aviles

What they wore: Puma sneakers, pants from Marshalls, Scooterboi clay necklace, thrifted jacket, H&M hat, Chill Vibes shirt

Derrick brings street style to a new level. With colorful accents, his outfits scream playfulness. As one of the local designers involved with the show and co-founder of company Chill Vibes, he said it was really cool to see his clothing worn by the models. “Everyone who buys our clothes are part of the Chill Vibes club,” he said. 

Dusty Aviles

What they wore: Chill Vibes t-shirt, thrifted jean jacket, PacSun joggers, Nike shoes, ScooterBoi clay necklace, Nike bag

Dusty said he draws a lot of inspiration for his style from the West Coast. As the other founder of Chill Vibes, he emphasizes the value of supporting local designers in the Twin Cities. Pairing one of his tie-dyed shirts with his friend’s clay necklace, Dusty practiced what he preached, giving Minneapolis talent its rightful place in the spotlight.