Hip-hop memories: 2013

And that’s a (w)rap.

by Spencer Doar

Attempt on Rick Ross’s life

Gotta go all the way to January for this one, but it was pretty notable when Ross crashed his Rolls in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. after being subject to a hail of bullets from unknown assailants.


Big Apple beef with Trinidad

Trinidad Jame$ recently came under fire for telling an audience New York rap is slippin’, and Atlanta runs things now. He should have known it would spark a Twitter firestorm. Maino, among other notables, was pissed.   


Runnin’ jewels with Killer Mike and El-P

In a year of hip-hop overshadowed by “Yeezus” and “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” a lot of great albums slipped through the cracks. That was a tremendous disservice to Killer Mike and El-P’s collaboration “Run the Jewels.” Check the title track, “Job Well Done” and “Banana Clipper” for something a wee bit different.  Another great option: Danny Brown’s “Old.”


Method and Redman’s expensive chiefin’

It’s been over a decade since “How High” hit theaters, but that doesn’t mean Meth and Red have cut back on the reefer. Earlier this year the duo Instagram’d a blunt made/wrapped in 24-karat gold — as if we needed proof that they’re still living the high life.


Waka falls out with Gucci

It’s hard to tell who did what to whom, or even what this whole beef is actually about, but let’s just say that there’s trouble in paradise — that is, if you feel comfortable equating the Brick Squad fellas and their lives with paradise …