5 reasons why Bruce Springsteen still rocks

Lucy Nieboer

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played two shows in St. Paul Sunday and Monday nights. Bruce led the band in hours of hip-shakin' tunes at the Xcel Center. Five reasons why this rock god has still got it: 

1. He's young at heart — Springsteen is 63 and still manages to pull off a three hour set with the vigor of a 23 year old. This includes jumping from pianos, crowd surfing, and his signature lean-from-the-mic move. 

2. He's still a party boy — At one point during the show, the rock star grabbed a beer from a random concert goer — and chugged. The band kept playing, but Bruce finished off the brew before getting back to the song. 

3. He's got fans of all ages — For "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" Bruce brought a little girl up on stage. The young miss couldn't have been older than 11, but she gave the tune her (slightly off pitch) all — to the joy and surprise of the crowd. A lady of another era joined Springsteen on stage on Sunday night. Jeanne Heintz just celebrated her 88th birthday and has seen the E Street Band 150 times. See her interview with KSTP here. 

4.He keeps it in the family — When E Street saxophone player Clarence Clemons passed away in 2011, Springsteen knew it would be hard to replace his longtime friend and band member. He gave the job to young Jake Clemons, nephew of The Big Man. 

5. He takes requests — Fans bring signs with their favorite songs printed on them. Springsteen will pick one or several of the signs' songs and play them —just because. That rocks.