To all self-proclaimed Christians

ArenâÄôt you tired of being addressed as some fundamentalist and irrational collective? Do you want to be swayed by the rhetoric of fear, while your chosen politician falls deaf to the cries of the disadvantaged, the downtrodden, people who are just struggling to make an honest living but are crushed by a system with little regard or concern for the average worker? Do you wish to idly stand by your leaders while they scoff human rights (yes, human rights are not just for fetuses!), invading our living spaces, confining and torturing people, putting thousands of peopleâÄôs lives in danger without adequate protective gear or even an honest motive? How many times must the conservatives be swayed by the so-called âÄúmoralityâÄù that Republicans uphold? And the even greater question is it really impossible for Christians to be liberals? I cannot understand why Christian organizations tend to rely on appeals to fear and anger, rather than reflecting the unconditional and nonjudgmental love that Jesus proposes. In addition, I wonder why the dominant action points for many vocal and active Christian groups around campus who tend to mobilize around abortion and stem-cell research, issues that tend to be divisive and evoke self-righteousness and rigid stance that does not promote healthy discussion on the topic. But what do I know? According to the issues you deem as most pressing, no matter how much I would like to proclaim it, I could never be a Christian. But I do know that asserting that fundamentalist, neo-conservative viewpoint of Christianity as representative of the whole is inherently problematic. Angel Gardner University student