Current Election Day vouching system helps students vote

by Mary Einspahr Minnesota, Public Interest Research Group intern


Here is what’s going on: The Minnesota House of Representatives is trying to limit the number of people a person can vouch for on Election Day from 15 down to eight.

As a student in Minnesota I appreciate our system, which currently allows someone to vouch for up to 15 people they know on Election Day. Last fall, I had several friends who served as vouchers for others at the polls. Most college students live in high-density apartments, so they tend to know many people in their precinct. Many of these people do not have utility bills and have no other way of proving their residency other than through vouchers.

The organization I volunteer for, Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, believes in making the Election Day process go smoothly since the college years are formative in determining electoral participation. If a student has a bad experience at the polls early on in their voting career, this could hinder them from participating in the future. Minnesota has repeatedly had the highest voter turnout in the nation thanks to our accessible Election Day registration system — let’s keep it that way.