In East Bank visit, Penny discusses issues with students

by Seth Woerhle

Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny talked to University students and shook hands on the East Bank campus Wednesday afternoon.

Penny fielded questions as general as basic platform issues and as specific as his plans for small dairy farmers.

Penny said his clean campaign, long-term goals for the state, and commitment to education would help him attract student voters, who he said were “more open” to the idea of a third party.

“I usually vote Republican,” said James McDonough, a College of Liberal Arts sophomore who spoke with the candidate. “However, it seems like (Republican candidate) Pawlenty hasn’t really shown that he wants the student vote Ö I think Penny made a great move by coming out here.”

Electrical engineering freshman Justin Johnson said he had some reservations about Penny’s party.

“After Ventura, I’m kind of leery of it,” Johnson said. “But (Penny) seems to be honest about everything. Like he said about not making a promise not to raise taxes – if it needs to be done, then do it.”