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MSA follows GAPSA’s lead, votes to withdraw from SLC

by Seth Woerhle
Published December 11, 2002
MSA's president said the Twin Cities student groups could be more effective lobbyists

University professor splits time between law school, U.N.

by Seth Woerhle
Published December 9, 2002

When professor David Weissbrodt tries to remove his textbooks on human rights from a high shelf in his office, it sends a cascade of documents crashing onto a pile of computer disks. Weissbrodt, a nationally...

University professors working on technological advancements in math

by Seth Woerhle
Published December 4, 2002

Unlike other types of research in which diseases are cured and devices are invented, advances in mathematics tend to occur behind the scenes. But they can have profound effects on other sciences and everyday...

Insurance forces kegger’s last haven to go keg-free

by Seth Woerhle
Published November 26, 2002

This month marked the end of what was formerly a college staple: the fraternity kegger. On Nov. 1, rising insurance costs forced Delta Kappa Epsilon to give up their kegs, making them the last Interfraternity...

University exceeds fund-raiser goal, $1 million mark

by Seth Woerhle
Published November 12, 2002

For the first time the University's Community Fund Drive, an employee fund-raising campaign for charity, has raised more than $1 million. The fund, which is gathered from University faculty and staff contributions,...

West Bank to fight underage drinking with new community courts

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 30, 2002

Underage drinking and partying in campus neighborhoods could soon carry different penalties for University students. West Bank neighborhoods will adopt community courts in 2003 similar to those currently...

Faculty-student lunch program is set to develop relationships

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 23, 2002

Sometimes the University can seem like a large, impersonal place, but a friendly lunch with a professor might shrink the campus to a manageable size. At least that's what the Office of the Executive Vice...

Student Legal Service warns of hidden costs of police record

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 18, 2002

Most risks of a night of drinking, such as vomit-stained pants or a minor consumption ticket, are well-known. But the University's Student Legal Service office is concerned many students aren't familiar...

Unlikely coalition advocates reducing Twin Cities’ ozone

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 16, 2002

An unlikely pairing of environmental groups, businesses and government has formed an alliance to reduce ozone in the Twin Cities and avoid spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year. With a unanimous...

Partnership hopes to boost American Indian enrollment

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 10, 2002

Buffalo meat, fry bread and wild rice added some flavor to an American Indian feast and college informational session Wednesday night that is hoped to be the first step in increasing American Indian college...

Students rally against pending war with Iraq

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 8, 2002

Approximately 125 University students and other activists made their way from the West Bank to the Federal Courts building Monday afternoon to protest possible U.S. military action in Iraq. Although they...

Homecoming changes leave many students ambivalent

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 7, 2002

This week's Homecoming departs from the traditional schedule because of the Twins' playoff appearance, but most students interviewed in Dinkytown seem to have accepted the changes. The Gophers were originally...

Students, with U help, go abroad for human rights

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 1, 2002

Ask law student Intesar Elder for a moment that stood out from her three-month human rights internship in the Palestinian's West Bank and you'll get a story that sums up the mixture of hopelessness and...

Chapel, housing development would eliminate parking

by Seth Woerhle
Published September 20, 2002

A planned housing development near campus could provide a spiritual sanctuary for the religious, much needed apartments for students and some problems for its neighbors. The Beta Theta Pi fraternity sits...

In East Bank visit, Penny discusses issues with students

by Seth Woerhle
Published September 19, 2002

Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny talked to University students and shook hands on the East Bank campus Wednesday afternoon. Penny fielded questions as general as basic platform issues...

Exhibit describes global illnesses

by Seth Woerhle
Published September 10, 2002

Your mother has tuberculosis, and has been coughing for months. She went in for treatment 15 miles away, but couldn't keep her job in a Ukrainian steel mill and cure her disease at the same time. Now you...

College homework and late nights worry parents

by Seth Woerhle
Published September 4, 2002

Starting college means big changes not just for freshmen, but also for their parents. The University has no formal program for dealing with parents' "empty nest" syndrome, but it does have a Web site (

Street cleaners: U dental students take camper on the road

by Seth Woerhle
Published August 26, 2002

From his unconventional clinic in a modified Winnebago, Dr. Paul Schulz, with his dental students and assistants, can care for three patients at a time, although it can get a little cramped. The 37-foot...

U library system spans campuses

by Seth Woerhle
Published June 6, 2001

The University's library system can seem massive and foreboding. But students armed with a general idea of which library is used for what, the help of the friendly staff and some online research tools...

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