Greek councils endorse candidates

by Emily Babcock

Campaign promises by Adam Miller and Jill Sanders to reinstitute a 10th Avenue connecter bus and improve the communication between the greek system and the Minnesota Student Association was enough to woo representatives from the Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils into an endorsement.
The greek councils met Thursday and offered the last major endorsement of the student association’s presidential campaign.
Neither Miller, a Carlson School of Management senior or Sanders, a College of Liberal Arts senior, are members of the greek community.
“I am really surprised,” Miller said. “I don’t have a whole lot of connections to the greek community.”
Miller said this could be an advantage as president.
“We will have to ask them what is important to them rather than making assumptions.”
CLA senior Erin Ferguson, running mate for fellow CLA senior Nikki Kubista, who did not win an endorsement this week, said not having an endorsement should not affect her campaign.
“The entire point to our campaign is to organize at a grassroots level,” Ferguson said.
Kerry O’Brien, president of the Panhellenic council, said candidates seek the greek endorsement because of the number of students involved in the greek system.
“The greeks have the largest turnout for voting,” said Interfraternity Council president Dan Campion, an Institute of Technology junior.
Between now and the campaign, members of the greek system will assist these candidates in public relations, Campion said.
Other presidential and vice presidential candidates are: CLA sophomores Kevin Nicholson and Brook Anderson; CLA junior Sabeen Altaf and Institute of Technology junior Michael Hsu, who won the Students Against Fees Excess endorsement Wednesday. No endorsement was given out by the University-DFL Tuesday.
Elections for the MSA presidency and vice-presidency will take place April 29-30.