The Fashionisto is in: These three shops are paving the way for 612 street style.

A guide to Minneapolis streetwear and where to cop it.

Patrons of Piff, a clothing store on Como Avenue, check out the streetwear items on Saturday, Sept. 1. The store specializes in buying and selling streetwear like Nike, Jordan and Supreme.

Image by Tony Saunders

Patrons of Piff, a clothing store on Como Avenue, check out the streetwear items on Saturday, Sept. 1. The store specializes in buying and selling streetwear like Nike, Jordan and Supreme.

by Samir Ferdowsi

It’s the night before the first day of class. You’re planning the outfit that’ll impress the crush you think is in your class this semester … but you’ve worn all this stuff before.

Well, time to hit the streets and purchase the hottest ‘fits of fall 2018 right in the University of Minnesota’s backyard.

There’s no need to hop on Grailed, StockX or — dare we say — eBay; Minneapolis has a hidden stash of coast-style consignment shops waiting for the hypebeast in all of us. 

From coveted Off-White to vintage Ralph Lauren, these four shops are the Twin Cities’ premier street style go-tos.

Piff Minneapolis

1521 Como Ave. S.E., Minneapolis

New York has Unique Hype, California has Round Two and Minneapolis has Piff. Opened in 2014, the boutique has opened the floodgates for shops of a similar style to come into the Twin Cities and try their hands at the hype market. From the glowing white walls to the shoe wall enveloping customers as they check out, Piff radiates coastal vibes. 

“We saw room for the community to cultivate here and we just sort of ran with that,” store manager Ben Alberts said. “So many brands are coming up out of their closets, we’re a space for that.”

High-end-low-end cocktails will be big this year, Ben said. Matching Louis Vuitton with SK8-Hi vans, for example, is the go-to look this autumn.

With brands like Supreme, Bape, Carrots, Off-White, Air Jordan and more, the Como neighborhood shop is a one-stop-spot for any style guru.

Urban Jungle

1419 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis

For all non-all-out hypebeasts, Urban Jungle is the place to go. While carrying classic labels like Supreme and Bape, the West Bank joint’s racks are mainly filled with vintage clothing. To be exact, they’re 80-percent vintage, 10-percent hype and 10-percent kicks, co-owner Jonathan Bastida said. 

“Kids just flee nowadays and we’re here for them,” Bastida said. “Off-White and whatever they want is what’s pretty hot.”

Will you find the VLONE Air Max on the shoe wall here? No. A 90s Biggie oversized T-shirt? Definitely. From old-school varsity jackets to Ralph sweaters that would make Kanye turn his head, this street style dive feels more like a Tokyo back alley thrift shop than a Washington Avenue store. Opened in December 2017, Urban Jungle is a unique newcomer to the scene that is definitely worth a peep.

Project Sozo

2414 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis

Speaking of Tokyo, another streetwear shop, Project Sozo, lives, breathes and emanates Japan. Opened Super Bowl Sunday 2018, this uptown creative space harbors the roots of streetwear. 

“The concept was inspired by my time in Tokyo, Japan. I spent five years in beautiful and innovative Japan during my marketing and consulting life, and I absorbed all of it,” founder Moh said. 

Inside the shop feels like a stroll down the streets of Tokyo fashion district Harajuku. The reddish-blue walls boast a custom made Japanese water dragon whose eyes follow your every move, a painting of Mount Fuji, a koi fish and the famous “Great Wave off Kanagawa” inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai.

“Really, if you can think it, we will try our best to accommodate,” Moh said. “Space can be rented out for special events as well. So again, the only limits we feel we have are those in the mind.”

In terms of threads, mainly Bape and Supreme pieces can be found on the racks. Some Medicom vinyls add to the display cases, but overall the clothing selection is standard. If you want a visually and aesthetically pleasing hype experience though, Sozo is the spot.