The Fashionista is in: Prom then, you now.


Let’s head back a few years to the chiffon and tulle times of papier-mâché magic, courtship qualms and queens and kings honored in popularity. The hairspray is heavy and the bobby pins are plenty. The girls are beautified and the boys ready for the post-event bubbly. You wake up with a streak of glitter here, a dash of regret there and a faint sound of “Boom Boom Pow” thumping against your temples, greeting your morning rise. Hello again, prom.

Undoubtedly labeled as one of the most memorable events of your teen years, prom had an entire page of diary scribbles and an entire day’s worth of locker room yak. And though the ratio of hair-bounce-per-step and the precise number of nail coats you painted are since long forgotten, one factor remains crisp in your mind: your prom dress.

Its exact color, how it made you feel, where you bought it and all its other darling details remain strong in your mind. Much more than just accidental details, they were direct style choices, reflecting your sense of sartorial self then and hinting at a similar, more evolved sartorial self now. With hundreds of embellished bodices, slink-and-sexy necklines and layers of taffeta to choose from, which type of gown were you and what does that say about you now?



Then: Long, slim stunner

Wowing the crowd, court and royals in a sleek and elongated number, you chose a mature silhouette in a presumably silk, satin or light chiffon fabric to be your eye candy of the evening. Either a sweet, solid shade or a wild and whimsy print—depending on your teen mood and level of affection for Rihanna — either choice reflects a similarly modish sartorial mind.

Now: Trendsetter

The slim and supple nature of this type of dress suggests you adore the Hollywood starlets and seek a look more refined and ripe. You follow trends more closely than your peers and are generally more comfortable in your own skin, owning your personal style to the nines.



Then: Ball gown beauty

A Cinderella darling was your decision for the evening of partying, posing and picture snapping, which speaks to the traditional and fairytale femininity you seek in apparel. With warm weather comes warm color palettes and pretty pastels, your dress-color decision assumedly taking the form of a light yellow or a deep periwinkle.

Now: Feminine belle

Steering your ship far away from the gripping, body-conscious numbers seen on the fashionistas of your party pack, your bubblegum princess pick indicates your draw toward the traditional and craving for fantasy. Perhaps you find solace in button-downs and blouses, pleated skirts and perfected ringlets, but you seek a fine sequin top and lacey undergarments to feed your craving for the fantastic.



Then: Short and sassy sista

Rogue and rebellious and a rather raucous choice amongst the floor-length fabrics that doused your peers, your alternative choice no doubt garnered stares and snickers though left you unabashed and unbridled on the dance floor. Your nearing-knee-length playful treat of tulle and taffeta construction, perhaps saturated in a shade of romantic red or venomous black, mirrored your playful take on style and attraction to the unconventional.

Now: Free spirit

Perhaps charmed by neon palettes and Betsey Johnson charisma, you experiment with your wardrobe, unaffected by trends and seeking to sartorially please no one but yourself. You find yourself laughing at the recent revelation of mixing bold prints — a statement you’ve been wearing since childhood — and build your closet one found hoodie at a time.