The newest version of Windows 7

by Matt Aho

So, you’ve been planning that Windows 7 launch party ever since Vista came out. You got accepted by Microsoft as an "official host." Only one thing could make the party more awesome. That’s right, Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition, with a box signed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself!


On the same cnet news article from which I first heard about this glorious offering, it was brought to my attention that when Vista launched there was a Bill Gates-signed edition of Ultimate. But there was no awesome nationwide network of officially Microsoft-sanctioned launch parties taking place. That all changes in 2009. The Steve Ballmer edition of Windows will apparently be given away to the hosts of these Windows 7 parties and who knows where else after that.


What new powers will Steve Ballmer’s signature grant the user? Now you can have everyone "give it up for you" and stress the importance of developers with more ease than ever before! All while being incredibly sweaty!