Hollywood Video closes

Building’s landlord said he received no prior notification.

by Tara Bannow

The Dinkytown Hollywood Video rented out its final flick on Saturday night. On Monday morning, a semi-trailer pulled up to empty out the store. Irv Hershkovitz, co-owner of Dinkytown Properties, the company that owns the building, said he received no notification before the closing. While he said he hasnâÄôt spoken to a Hollywood Video representative yet, he expects it was the result of declining sales. The video storeâÄôs Dinkytown location had been open almost 11 years and had six years left on its lease, Hershkovitz said. About a year ago, Hollywood Entertainment Corporation filed bankruptcy and closed 800 stores across the United States, Hershkovitz said. âÄúBut they chose to keep this one open because it was doing well,âÄù he said. Hershkovitz said he doesnâÄôt foresee any difficulty in finding a new tenant for the building. He said the most common suggestion heâÄôs hearing is Buffalo Wild Wings.