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Academic Health Center Vice President and Medical School Dean Frank Cerra takes a break on Friday in his office at the Child Rehab Center.

Setting the Foundation

Published December 14, 2010

The hundreds of journal articles Frank Cerra wrote about 15 years ago are now quoted as âÄúhistorical literature.âÄù âÄúItâÄôs not relevant to the science thatâÄôs...

Open gov’t advocates challenge closed-door selection

Published November 15, 2010

Those whoâÄôve been at the University of Minnesota long enough may be experiencing déjà vu after FridayâÄôs presidential finalist announcement. The Board of Regents...

Joni Hahn washes the windows on Wednesday in her St. Paul home. Hahns case against the University alleging malpractice in the care of her husband was dismissed in 2008.

Malpractice lawsuits declining, remain costly

Published November 11, 2010

At first, Joni Hahn thought her husbandâÄôs heart surgery at the University of Minnesota Medical Center was a "miracle." It seemed that Jim Twernbold âÄî diagnosed with congestive heart...

Students push UDS to make caloric info more visible

Published October 18, 2010

Looking down at their empty bowls of Panda Express, Sarah Walker and Kassi Knappen said they had no idea how many calories they ate. "I donâÄôt calorie count," Knappen said. The two University...

Watching the skies

Watching the skies

Published October 14, 2010

Raymond Duvall wants to make it absolutely clear: He doesnâÄôt know whether aliens exist. ItâÄôs a common misconception. Just because Duvall, chairman of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs...

Mayo Clinic, U: defeat diabetes within decade

Published October 6, 2010

The University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic announced Tuesday theyâÄôre seeking between $250 million and $350 million in public and private funding over a 10-year period to research diabetes. By...

Court ends temp. ban on stem cell funding

Published September 29, 2010

Embryonic stem cell researchers at the University of Minnesota can breathe sighs of relief âÄî at least for now. A panel of three judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington decided Tuesday...

Amina Ahmed sits in her home Thursday in Cedar Riverside Plaza. She believes that female circumcision should be legalized in the United States.

A Cut that divides

Published September 20, 2010

Amina Ahmed had always been afraid of needles. Now, as an 8 year old, she thought someone was going to use one in a place nobody was supposed to touch. The quivering girl stood next to her younger sister...

Bruininks names interim health sciences VP

Published September 17, 2010

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks announced Friday that he selected Aaron Friedman, the current chair of the University’s pediatrics department, to serve as interim vice president of...

House, Senate committee budgets do not include Pawlenty’s MERC cuts

Published April 29, 2010

The state Legislature expressed its opposition to Gov. Tim Pawlenty âÄôs proposal to cut Medical Education and Research Costs , a program that supports University of Minnesota student and resident...

Bill aids eating disorder care

Published April 28, 2010

An act propelled by two Minnesota senators seeks to improve the plight of those suffering from eating disorders and prevent future cases from starting. The Freed Act would allocate research money to the...

U professor keeps job after complaints, discipline

Published April 26, 2010

In the middle of his prison sentence for rape and kidnapping at the Stillwater Correctional Facility, an inmate with the initials A.S. complained about a toothache. In a fall 2004 letter to the Minnesota...

Office for Technology Commercialization supports Congress’ patent reform bill

Published April 13, 2010

Although it tends to stay out of the limelight, the Office for Technology Commercialization got vocal recently in support of a patent reform bill being debated in Congress. Patent reform requires balancing...

Senator Al Franken speaks with John Finnegan dean of the School of Public Health about healthcare on Friday in the Mayo Memorial Auditorium. The speech and discussion were part of a roundtable titled “Health Care Reform: What Just happened.”

Panelists talk health care

Published April 11, 2010

Some of MinnesotaâÄôs most prominent health care leaders gathered Friday before a crowded auditorium of tuned-in faculty, community members and students at the University of Minnesota to sort out...

Fairview opens new clinic near campus

Published April 6, 2010

A new clinic that opened this week near the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus will cater to athletes and the physically active, offering treatments for an array of bone, muscular and joint problems....

U receives grant to study cancer

Published April 5, 2010

Researchers from the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center announced Monday that it received a $2.5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to carry out a longitudinal blood cancer study....

Dental School admin. staff agree to salary decreases

Published April 4, 2010

The University of Minnesota School Of Dentistry senior administrative staff unanimously agreed to shoulder a 2.3 percent reduction in salary for the 2010-11 academic year. The proposal is two times larger...

U creates disease diagnostic technique

Published April 1, 2010

The future of disease detection may include personal devices the size of cell phones that will be able to diagnose diseases before they develop enough to produce symptoms in seemingly healthy people. A...

Panel raises violence awareness

Published March 31, 2010

Sonnie Flomo grew up learning to respect her elders. So when the pastor who rented a room in her momâÄôs house began kissing her, rubbing her and having her move up and down on his lap, she didnâÄôt...

University of Minnesota health policy and management professor Roger Feldman is a consultant to the Congressional Budget Office.

Health care reform: What you need to know

Published March 30, 2010

For just about everyone paying attention, the passage of the national health care legislation inspired more questions than answers. The bills that are now law âÄî a 2,309-page reconciliation bill...

Study explores cancer treatment

Published March 28, 2010

Three weeks after being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, 51-year-old Gail Hudson was given a treatment that caused her to break out in hives. So doctors went out on a limb and gave her Abraxane, a...

Biomedical buildings may be combined

Published March 21, 2010

A new, scaled-back proposal for the $292 million Biomedical Discovery District would amass three buildings into one and use the money saved for building renovations. Rather than housing cancer, cardiovascular...

Race-related controversy causes drug flop

Published March 9, 2010

Jay Cohn, a cardiologist for more than 50 years, was fighting a losing battle against heart failure in the 1980s. Treatments of the day werenâÄôt working, and people were dying at a rate of 20...

Lawmakers unveil plan to replace GAMC

Published March 7, 2010

General Assistance Medical Care is back on âÄî well, sort of. Gov. Tim Pawlenty, DFL and Republican leaders emerged from more than a week of debate Friday with a new plan that would replace GAMC...

Willings, left, and Fox write welcome messages Sunday on the common room white board to the eight new residents.

Emily Program now in St. Paul

Published March 7, 2010

When Jodie FlicekâÄôs 8-year eating disorder became too much to handle, she packed her bags and moved into the Anna Westin House in Chaska âÄî a place she would later call her second home....

Gov’s GAMC veto survives House override vote

Published March 1, 2010

Following more than two hours of debate Monday, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted not to override the veto of a bill that would temporarily restore General Assistance Medical Care to more than...

House votes not to override Pawlenty’s GAMC veto

Published March 1, 2010

Following more than two hours of debate on Monday, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted not to override Gov. Tim PawlentyâÄôs veto of a bill that would temporarily restore General Assistance...

Event, government bring racial health disparities to forefront

Published February 28, 2010

Nine out of nine studies examined by University of Minnesota researchers showed that predominately black communities are less likely to have supermarkets compared to other communities. âÄúThey...

Medical School dean to retire

Published February 28, 2010

Frank Cerra will retire from his position as dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School and senior vice president for health sciences of the Academic Health Center at the end of 2010. âÄúIâÄôm...

Racial health disparities a major political, social issue

Published February 26, 2010

Nine out of nine studies examined by University of Minnesota researchers show that predominately black communities are less likely to have supermarkets compared to others. âÄúThey either have to...

Cerra to retire at end of year

Published February 25, 2010

Frank Cerra will retire from his position as dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School and senior vice president for health sciences of the Academic Health Center at the end of the fall 2010 semester....

Getting mental health treatment no easy task at U

Published February 25, 2010

It wasnâÄôt easy for University of Minnesota sophomore Rachel Pollack to watch her good friend Allison Steele struggle with both depression and whether to see a counselor. Steele, a sophomore strategic...

DFLers prepare to override GAMC veto

Published February 21, 2010

In an emotional showdown over health assistance programs at the state Legislature, members of the House and Senate said they will attempt to override Gov. Tim PawlentyâÄôs veto of a bipartisan...

Four-hour standoff ends in arrest

Published February 18, 2010

A number of Prospect Park residents couldnâÄôt get to their homes Wednesday afternoon during a four-hour police standoff between police and a man who fired a gun into the air. Police were called...

Campus peeper nabbed

Published February 18, 2010

A âÄúserial peeperâÄù was nabbed outside an apartment building near campus Tuesday night. A witness called police after he saw 34-year-old Calvin James Jennings standing outside an apartment...

Senior veterinary medicine major Jonathan Hart examines a dog named Bo at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Clinic on Wednesday. The College of Veterinary Medicine receives millions of dollars each year from industry sponsors such as Purina.

Vet School relies on external funding

Published February 18, 2010

While Lisa Ohman was preparing to start classes at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, HillâÄôs Pet Nutrition was sending her e-mails about being their campus representative....

Med School changes pelvic exam instruction

Published February 17, 2010

Last year, Hannah Shacter learned to perform a procedure known to invoke anxiety among medical students: the infamous pelvic exam. But the third-year medical student may have been among the last batch...

Soda linked to pancreatic cancer

Published February 14, 2010

Many have attempted to tackle the mystery behind the disease nicknamed âÄúthe silent killer.âÄù âÄúWhen it comes to pancreatic cancer, we donâÄôt have a clue,âÄù...

New rules promise equality in treatment coverage

Published February 9, 2010

Even eight years after his death, the initiatives of the late Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone are still being realized in federal laws. ThatâÄôs what happened recently when the Obama administration...

Dental students Kacie Woodis, left, and Megan Mulligan, right, prepare Andrea Schyumn, 5, for an X-ray during Give Kids a Smile Day at Moos Tower on Saturday. The event, which is aimed at providing free dental care to children of low-income families, is practiced annually at clinics all over the country.

U volunteers Give Kids a Smile

Published February 7, 2010

When 16-year-old Bria Jones emerged in the waiting room after having a cavity filled, her mother, Copper Oya, expressed a mixture of gratitude and relief. âÄúIt brings peace of mind,âÄù...

Random health insurance audits catch errors

Published February 3, 2010

It started with an e-mail telling senior Wade Plafcan he was being audited for insurance by the University of Minnesota. Following three stressful weeks of phone calls to One Stop and his insurance company,...

Rise in HIV rates calls for increased awareness

Published January 31, 2010

Following the Minnesota Department of HealthâÄôs annual report, health experts and organizations are scrambling to explain a startling increase in HIV cases. The number of new HIV cases in Minnesota...

Professor Peter Berthold helps a second-year student fill a cavity in the advanced simulation clinic Monday. The two-year-old simulation lab is one of several ways dental students and faculty benefit from advancements in technology.

E-learning changing the face of health care education

Published January 28, 2010

The six schools and colleges that reside within the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Academic Health Center are rapidly beefing up their e-learning offerings âÄî a trend experts say only makes...

Fairview sees fewer mistakes

Published January 27, 2010

The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview reported a total of 41 mistakes in 2009, down from 52 in 2008, a trend one hospital official attributes to stringent implementation of âÄúbest...

On the brink of a PTSD breakthrough

On the brink of a PTSD breakthrough

Published January 20, 2010

It started shortly after Gary Lobe returned from serving in the Vietnam War in 1968. He had constant nightmares. He would dive to the floor at any loud noise. He could never sit with his back turned to...

Panino’s closes its doors

Published December 15, 2009

Although a sign on the door says it is undergoing temporary kitchen maintenance, Panino's at the U in Stadium Village has closed its doors for good. The owners of the business were evicted last week, John...

Minn. investment tax credit in the works

Published December 10, 2009

Before setting up shop in Minnesota, Peter Bianco experienced what he calls an âÄúentrepreneurial renaissanceâÄù in Wisconsin, where the landscape is ripe with high-tech startup companies...

Major retailers hiring fewer seasonal workers this year

Published December 7, 2009

Many of those who eagerly scour department stores for holiday jobs will be disappointed this year, as retailers are reporting fewer seasonal hires than in previous years. In a survey of the nationâÄôs...

At the request of business owners, all one-hour meters in Dinkytown have been changed to two-hour meters.

Dinkytown meter limits increase to 2 hours

Published December 6, 2009

At the request of business owners, all one-hour meters in Dinkytown have been changed to two-hour meters. âÄúItâÄôs too difficult to eat dinner in one hour,âÄù Laurel Bauer, owner...

Chicken Farming

Urban chicken farming gaining popularity

Published December 3, 2009

Stepping out the door of his Nicollet Island home, Peat Willcütt crunched through fallen leaves, making his way toward the sound of clucking and crowing. He reached into a bucket, pulled...

Businesses join green movement

Published November 29, 2009

With the message of being green infiltrating nearly every aspect of todayâÄôs culture, businesses are finding it necessary to maintain the status quo of sustainability to stay competitive. Whether...

The Vescio’s Trattoria   will be opening soon in the Minneapolis Skyway in the Quebec Six building.  The Dinkytown Vescio’s location has been family operated for more than 50 years.

Vescio’s expands to downtown

Published November 24, 2009

Little has changed since VescioâÄôs Italian Restaurant opened in Dinkytown more than 50 years ago. âÄúWhen I make a recipe, I look at the sheet my grandpa wrote out,âÄù manager...

Shelter Coordinator John Kilner plays with a dog at the Animal Care and Control Shelter on Friday in Minneapolis. An ordinance is going before the Minneapolis City Council that would give Animal Care and Control more regulatory power.

Animal Control requests amendments for tougher laws

Published November 22, 2009

Hoppy, a vicious Minneapolis resident, was on death row over the summer after launching herself from her yard onto the sidewalk, attacking unsuspecting dogs and their owners twice in two years. Luckily...

From left to right, software developer Bret Jackson, senior software developer Shaun Reynolds, marketing generalist Ashleigh Lincoln and institutional sales Josh Miedema of Ultralingua, a company that creates dictionary and translation software for desktop operating systems and smartphones.

Local company creates Klingon dictionary

Published November 17, 2009

With the birth of his son 15 years ago, dedicated linguist dâÄôArmond Speers embarked on the ultimate experiment: He spoke to him only in Klingon âÄî the language of the alien race of âÄúStar...

Profile Center turns to private events

Published November 16, 2009

After the last teen night at the Profile Event Center ended in murder, owner Patrick Kellis stopped holding public events altogether. About 10 people gathered at a hearing Monday night to hear the details...

Stub & Herbs  boring outdoor shots

Stub & Herb’s faces fines for underage sales

Published November 11, 2009

Having served four underage decoys within a five-month period, Stub & Herbs must adhere to a list of conditions âÄî including fines, policy changes and a brief suspension âÄî if theyâÄôre...

New amendment could allow more restaurants to offer live music

New amendment could allow more restaurants to offer live music

Published November 10, 2009

It seemed so simple. Ben Smith, owner of Glaciers Cafe, wanted to hire a singer or guitar player to ease the slow dinner hours. But because he didnâÄôt have 50 seats, the city said no. âÄúI...

Ordinance amendment would allow more businesses to have music

Ordinance amendment would allow more businesses to have music

Published November 10, 2009

It seemed so simple. Ben Smith , owner of Glaciers Cafe , wanted to hire a singer or guitar player to ease the slow dinner hours. But because he didnâÄôt have 50 seats, the city said no. âÄúI...

Sporty’s liquor license request met with opposition

Published November 9, 2009

After getting the green light from the state to bypass a zoning hurdle that made SportyâÄôs Pub & Grill in Como ineligible for a liquor license, owner Joe Radaich is now working with the city...

Two state-funded art projects in the works

Published November 4, 2009

Seven months after revealing the design for his artwork that will hang on the outside of Target Field , local artist and University of Minnesota alumnus Craig David is hard at work on a piece that will...

Black Student Union throws a business week

Published November 1, 2009

When Gerald Edwards was 13 years old, he wasnâÄôt satisfied doing the things other middle school students did. So, he decided to start his own company. He sketched designs, put them on t-shirts...

Asian business owners file complaint against Met Council

Published October 26, 2009

A coalition of Asian business owners filed a formal complaint against the Metropolitan Council alleging it failed to consider the negative impact light-rail construction will have on minority businesses...

A study led by a researcher at the University of Minnesota has found that wolves are at their peak predatory performance for only 25 percent of their adult lives, not 100 percent as previously thought.

Study finds that wolves aren’t successful predators for entire lives

Published October 26, 2009

Just as human hunters lose their edge as they age, a recent study found wolvesâÄô strength and agility to be much more impacted by the effects of aging than previously thought. Using more than...

Business owners, city officials convene to discuss parking issues

Published October 25, 2009

Having recently married and graduated from the University of Minnesota with $25,000 in loans, Jeff Barnhart could use some extra cash. Selling game day parking in his dadâÄôs five lots near the...

The restaurant space that currently houses KimBinh Vietnamese Restaurant on the ground level of the Chateau has seen at least six ownership changes in the past 16 years.

The curse of the Chateau

Published October 21, 2009

Looking to carry on a family legacy in the food business, Quang Tran came across a Craigslist ad for restaurant space. Excitement prevailed over the inkling to check its rental history. âÄúI think...

Frozen yogurt shop coming to Dinkytown

Published October 20, 2009

While living in Korea for three months, sisters Gloria and Susan Kang discovered a frozen yogurt craze thatâÄôs quickly making its way from the west to the east coast of the United States âÄî...

The Hot Spot leaves Dinkytown

Published October 18, 2009

As he watched thousands of students pass his window after the Gophers football game two weeks ago, Dave Nutt said he felt down and out. âÄúNot one of them wanted to walk in here, not a one,âÄù...

Seven Corners businesses run buses to stadium

Published October 14, 2009

For those on the West Bank, getting to Gopher games can get complicated once pre-game festivities and transportation are factored in. âÄúIf they go to a bar before and after the game, theyâÄôre...


Dinkytown, meet breakfast

Published October 13, 2009

It happened every weekend. Burrito Loco would be packed until 3 a.m., but later in the morning, you could hear a pin drop. It became more than owner Greg Pillsbury could stand. So, a couple of weeks ago,...

Private bio-science companies and U look to spur innovation

Published October 13, 2009

During the last few years of his 24-year run as a Medtronic executive, Dale Wahlstrom, a native Minnesotan, was saddened when he had to make more and more investments outside of his home state to stay...

University Professor Ali Momeni displays a light projection Wednesday at the West Bank Social Center. Momeni teaches Art on Wheels, a class and research initiative that lets students display art from bike-mobilized media disseminators.

Art on wheels

Published October 8, 2009

Of all the reasons to return home to Istanbul , projecting art onto the historic Galata Tower during a massive LGBT festival was not how Sinan Goknur pictured it. But the computer science graduate student,...

Will the economy recover by graduation time?

Published October 7, 2009

It all started back in March when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke uttered that hopeful phrase âÄî green shoots âÄî and sent everyone grasping for any miniscule sign of economic recovery...

Professor Massoud Amin is the director of the Master of Science in Security Technologies program, aimed at preparing students to protect national infrastructure.

Threat of multi-agent attacks on United States increasing, experts warn

Published October 6, 2009

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary the morning Massoud Amin stood before top U.S. officials warning about the threat of catastrophic attacks. But the meeting, held less than a mile from the Pentagon, was...

New Dinkytown barber shop caters to multi-cultural customers

Published October 4, 2009

Jordan Becker used to have to take a bus all the way to Bloomington or Lake Street just to get a haircut. âÄúI know a lot of people that travel all the way down to Chicago and Franklin just to...

Twelve Minnesota cities to get wind turbines

Published October 1, 2009

A federal program is helping provide wind power in cities that might otherwise not have it. Within the next few weeks, 12 Minnesota cities, including Anoka and Shakopee , will see the construction of wind...

Hollywood Video closes

Published September 24, 2009

The Dinkytown Hollywood Video rented out its final flick on Saturday night. On Monday morning, a semi-trailer pulled up to empty out the store. Irv Hershkovitz, co-owner of Dinkytown Properties, the company...

Businesses warned, fined for illegal parking operations

Published September 23, 2009

Standing before his parking lot in the midst of the first Gopher football game of the season âÄî a frenzied event that quickly turned to a parking famine âÄî was more than Huy Ung could...

Top business leaders discuss leadership in crisis

Published September 17, 2009

Having served under four presidents in the White House, CNN commentator David Gergen said heâÄôs learned that itâÄôs hardest for leaders to deal with crises that are on the horizon, and...

Local mural artist continues visual legacy in Dinkytown

Local mural artist continues visual legacy in Dinkytown

Published September 15, 2009

Over the years, Sherri Faye âÄôs paintbrush has made its rounds throughout Dinkytown , leaving behind vibrant reminders of the areaâÄôs history. The 50-year-old local artist has played...

Businesses see record numbers for football game

Published September 15, 2009

Weeks before SaturdayâÄôs football game in the new stadium, the staff of Blarney Pub and Grill was preparing for the heavy crowds. When the day finally came, everyone was on the schedule, shelves...

McNamara to serve alcohol, food outside

Published September 10, 2009

A lot has changed in the 37 years since University of Minnesota alumnus Tom LaSalle left campus. On Saturday, the former president of the Alumni Association will return for the first on-campus football...

Stadium Village sees influx of new businesses

Published September 9, 2009

The Tea House The long-vacant building that used to house BakerâÄôs Square will soon become the Tea House , a family-owned Chinese restaurant opening in early January. The restaurant, which has...

Professor leads study to measure business competition

Published September 9, 2009

Lee Munnich has spent years studying MinnesotaâÄôs economic competitiveness, comparing it with other parts of the country and sharing his results with hundreds of University of Minnesota students...

EPA scientist to reveal changes under new administration

Published January 28, 2009

Tomorrow morning, Pai-Yei Whung, chief scientist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will be on the St. Paul campus to detail the organization's anticipated changes under the discretion of the...