Sex Machine challenge.

by Ian Power

Ok here goes. With the Advent of Mash-up (girl talk etc…) we are all spoiled as crap cause we can dance to a hundred different songs in ten minutes. Yet girl talk has worn off of me like a dime-store tattoo and now I am left with a void in my dancin’ shoes….Lately I have been revisiting some stuff, nostalgic-like to try to get my ass shakin’: The Avalanches, that first Hot Chip, Jurassic Five, that DJ shadow album he did with Cut Chemist where it’s all 45’s…but nothing has really been hittin’ the spot, not even daft punk (terrifying right?). So then I decided I would go back to real music for dancing which is pretty much any Motown ever…. So anyway it turns out that this was a lot harder than it sounds…to find The Perfect Dance Song was difficult but I think that I have found a pretty damn good candidate. This is my submission as the greatest dance song of all time: James Brown: Sex Machine. There you go. Don’t agree? I am open to debate.