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A Shamelessly Passionate Endorsement for the Films of Ramin Bahrani at the Walker Art Center TONIGHT!

Published April 2, 2009

       The flood of critical acclaim following the release of Ramin Bahrani's  heartwrenching 2005 debut "Man Pushes Cart," may have thrust him into the artistic...

N.A.S.A. at the Triple Rock

Published March 10, 2009

    In light of N.A.S.A.’s new record, "The Spirit Of Apollo," which explodes with ass-shaking beats and a long list of top notch guests, concert goers will undoubtedly expect...

Os Mutantes+Mcdonalds Commercial= Intense Sadness.

Published February 9, 2009

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why is Os Mutantes in that Mcdonalds commercial.  Why do these things happen? The inclusion of an Os Mutantes song in that delightful Mcdonalds soccer driven happy meal...

“Find yourself” in Europe? Pssh, just better yourself at home!

Published December 3, 2008

Lazy as balls? DonâÄôt feel like going anywhere or doing anything for spring break? DonâÄôt feel like doing anything ever? A&E has got you covered with these guides on how to get sort...

Drive By Truckers? I feel like a full fledged sucker.

Published November 17, 2008

Ok children.  Let’s go through a precise analyzation of what was so terrible about last night. Two months ago: I look at the First-Avenue website and see that The Hold Steady are playing two...

Want to see something that is actually terrifying on Halloween? “Rwanda After Genocide: Into The Dark Chamber”

Published October 30, 2008

"If the pictures of tens of thousands of human bodies being gnawed on by dogs do not wake us out of our apathy, I do not know what will." Kofi Annan 1994. Shaun Irlam will give a lecture tommorow...

Minneapolis’ awesome-o-meter reaches capacity! Conor Oberst at First Ave Tonight…

Published October 29, 2008

As Jay noted in his preview of upcoming shows last week, Conor Oberst will make his triumphant return to Minneapolis tonight at FIRST AVE after trying out his solo act at the 400 Bar last spring. ...

“Gonzo” is essential viewing for any Hunter S. Thompson enthusiast

Published October 27, 2008

"Gonzo" showing for 5$ at The Oak St. Cinema every night at 7pm until Wednesday! Go now! There's no time to read! Alex Gibney, (director of "Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room" and "Taxi To the Dark...

TV On The Radio concert: perhaps the greatest thing in the history of the universe.

Published October 24, 2008

Ok I didn't want to gloat. I put it off, but we can't put it off any longer folks, lets talk about it: lets talk about the 4 hour eargasm that was Tuesday night. Photos by Stephen Maturen, Daily The...

Holy Bejeezus! The Sound Unseen Festival starts on Thursday!!!

Published October 21, 2008

The Sound Unseen Festival is a comin' to town and if you are a lover of music, film, concerts or all things holy you really need to take heed of this. The event is going to be taking place all over the...

Sex Machine challenge.

Published October 10, 2008

Ok here goes. With the Advent of Mash-up (girl talk etc...) we are all spoiled as crap cause we can dance to a hundred different songs in ten minutes. Yet girl talk has worn off of me like a dime-store...