Dennis Newinski

Republican challenger Dennis Newinski is making education reform a top priority in his campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.
Upon hearing numerous complaints from teachers about red tape from federal agencies, Newinski said he decided to advocate state-provided block grants to local school districts. Local districts are in a better position than the federal government to determine appropriate use for education dollars in the school system, he said.
One little-known area in education Newinski would like to see reformed is prison educational programs. Post secondary dollars are siphoned off to prison inmates, he explained, who get access to government-supported education.
He also supports tuition tax credits for post secondary education.
Newinski’s other platform issues include changing the tax code, combatting drug and violent crime and reforming Social Security.
Newinski worked with several agencies on Social Security reform. While reviewing social security systems worldwide, the Newinski camp determined that the British 2-tier system provides the best alternative.
In Newinski’s view, college voters concern themselves with the same issues as other voters, including taxes, crime and environmental issues.