Street style: Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork patrons brought their best to the Chicago music festival.

Left to right, Stephanie Bahoman, Michael Iokavidu, Riley Iosh and Chris Sferra.

Image by Jake Nokovic

Left to right, Stephanie Bahoman, Michael Iokavidu, Riley Iosh and Chris Sferra.

by Joe Cristo

Music festivals are places where self-expression is not just encouraged but expected.

Last weekend in Chicago, indie-rock kids and their older music-loving kin met at Pitchfork Music Festival to revel in nostalgia and experience the nouveau.

What happens when thousands of different types of people congregate in one place?

It becomes a powder keg of fashion and style.

Sometimes people dress for comfort; other times they dress to impress. Here are what the get-ups — both classic and bizarre — look like from Pitchfork.


Stephanie Bahoman, 21

What she wore: A shirt that says “internet” with pictures of a young boy.

Bahoman’s outfit was bought online as a joke. It’s an internet meme come alive that represents the nexus of fashion, humor and popular culture. Bahoman cares “more about individuality than style.”

Bahoman came to Pitchfork from Miami, Fla., to see Sufjan Stevens and Brian Wilson.

Michael Iokavidu, 55

What he wore: Culturally inspired garb including a flowing skirt and sandals.

Iokavidu came to Pitchfork because of his daughter’s 30th birthday. He is wearing an outfit that blends cultural influences while maintaining a distinct interest in comfort. Iokavidu dresses similarly every day, but emphasized the practicality of his outfit because of the blisteringly hot weather.

Iokavidu came to Pitchfork from Chicago to see Brian Wilson, Savages and Shamir.

Riley Iosh, 24

What she wore: A black crop top, black pants with a rainbow accent, and a hula hoop.

Iosh has been hooping for three years now. She describes her style as “witch-housy,” — a blend of electronic music culture with Wiccan principles. She is an active member of the poi community —  a performance art that emphasizes the swinging of weights and hoops, sometimes with the use of flames. Iosh says she dressed to “represent [her] hippie side.”

Iosh came to Pitchfork from Chicago to see BJ the Chicago Kid and Sufjan Stevens.

Chris Sferra, 31

What he wore: A multi-colored hat, vintage Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts.

Sferra is wearing a distinctly “indie” outfit: a classic Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts combo, which emphasizes comfort in the hot summer sun. Sferra’s shirt was made by his mother as a gift for his father in 1976 when his father was going on a cruise. A vintage hand-me-down, the shirt is definitely distinct, even when compared with other bright Hawaiian shirts.

Sferra came to Pitchfork from New York City to see BJ the Chicago Kid, Blood Orange and Brian Wilson.