Job loss spurs man to call on Hasselmo

by Jessica Steeno

A fired University employee appeared at the home of University President Nils Hasselmo last week to ask for his job back.
The man used to be a custodian in Morrill Hall and has contacted Hasselmo’s office repeatedly to ask for a job after he was terminated in August of 1994. It was the first time he had appeared at Hasselmo’s home.
University Police Detective Marianne Olson said Hasselmo’s office staff have been “very sensitive” to security concerns since former University employee Jennifer May fired a shot in the office June 11. The staff wanted University Police to check the man’s criminal history.
Olson said the man does not have a criminal history and has not shown any signs of becoming violent. She said she thinks he just wants a job and that he believes he was unjustly terminated.
Hasselmo’s office has handled the matter on its own, Olson said.
In other police news occurring between July 1 and Monday:
ù Two visitors from Milwaukee got more than a cup of coffee when they stopped July 3 at a cafe on the corner of Washington Avenue and Harvard Street.
Mike Allen and Patty Smith were relaxing outside Espresso Expose when a gray Buick Century station wagon being pursued by a police car stopped in front of them. Several young men jumped from the car and started running as police officers stepped out of a squad car with their guns drawn.
“When we saw the guns come out we ran inside,” Allen said.
The officers pushed some of the young men to the ground as they caught up with them and handcuffed them, Allen said.
The young men, who appeared to be juveniles, were put in some of the eight squad cars that arrived on the scene, Allen said. Officers at the scene said the station wagon was stolen.
Smith, who was in the Twin Cities on a shopping trip, said the incident reminded her of something from the television show “Cops.”