Roemer drops Republican candidacy, could seek Americans Elect nomination

John Hageman

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer announced Wednesday that he’s dropping his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and will instead seek the Reform Party or the Americans Elect nomination.

Featured in Tuesday’s Daily, the Americans Elect movement is seeking to nominate a candidate through a national online convention. Some say the movement is a sign that the American election system is moving toward the Internet, but others still see issues with security and voting accuracy.

Roemer has been campaigning quietly as a Republican candidate, and has not been invited to debate against his opponents on national television. Roemer has tried to eliminate special interest influence on his campaign by limiting individual donations to $100, and raised $340,000.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Roemer said in a statement that the Republican party and the networks have "turned their backs on the democratic process" by not inviting him to debates.

Ross Perot made a surprising run for the presidency as an independent candidate in 1992, and ultimately the Reform Party grew out of his efforts. But third party candidates are rarely considered viable options for the presidency.