Reply to Mr. Anderson

Kafia Ahmed

I am sure you can understand my dismay when earlier this week I opened The Minnesota Daily, as I do every day, only to find an article called âÄúDown with America (the sexist parts)âÄù by Ross Anderson. I have read several other articles by Anderson (and I have been offended by most), but this is the first time that I have read such hateful and blatantly bigoted rhetoric come so clearly in the Daily. Honestly, this is not just about my sensitivity to being called names or my inability to comprehend what Anderson is saying. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I understand what he is saying far too well. The problem here is that as a student at the University of Minnesota and a member of the community, I have the right to be able to go about my day without having to constantly be on edge about someone feeling the need to write down what honestly can only be categorized as the ravings of a madman on paper. Anderson, no matter what he says, is a bigot in the very worst way possible: He is so bigoted that he has convinced himself of his lack of bigotry. Although I am saddened at the things that Anderson had to say, it is sadly a recurring pattern on his part, a pattern of obvious hatred toward the Somali, Muslim and East African communities. In this case though, I am sorry to see that the Daily has chosen to once again lend itself as a forum for the spewing of hateful rhetoric. I ask, as a person that is sincerely concerned for the path that AndersonâÄôs writing has taken, in order to retain any sort of integrity with not just the East African and Muslim communities but also with minority communities in general on the campus, that you print a formal apology. Because honestly there is a fine line between opinion and hateful ramblings; one is constructive, the other is destructive to all of us. Kafia Ahmed University undergraduate student