New professor keeps his distance from UKentucky

Professor Scott McLeod just took a new job with the University of Kentucky, and by the beginning of fall he’ll have made the transition over to his new school from Iowa State University.

The move won’t be far, though, since he’ll continue to live and do most of his new job in Ames–making him the school’s first remote professor, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

His organization, the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, will be moving to Kentucky as well, along with another full-time faculty member. The center will have two research assistants.

The report said some of the university’s “traditional” professors have asked how McLeod will fulfill duties of a faculty member, which include mentoring colleagues, observing their classes, and participating in department meetings. But McLeod and administrators said the new professor will visit campus several times a month and that, for the rest of the time, “teleconferencing is common and effective.”