Boy George Wears Hats.

by Cecilia Mazumdar Stanger

After watching one of Boy George’s new music videos, I was ready to write a gigglesome blogpost about his recent comeback.

His new look reads “middle age man appreciates cosmetics.” It’s topped off with a colorful collection of brimmed hats, and a freshly sprouted gray dad-beard.

He has lost a remarkable amount of weight, and frequently posts photos of obscure raw-vegan dishes. His commitment to health is so apparent that he has become a spokesperson for Nutribullet (its hard to discern whether they’ve hired him, or if he’s just really enthusiastic about blending foods.) In a recent interview, the 1980’s legend speaks of his relationship to Eastern religion, saying “I am Catholic in my complications, Buddhist in my aspirations.”

It is easy to attribute these fascinations to a celebrity mid-life crisis: Boy George uses fuschia headgear to demand relevance.

Despite his renewed ridiculousness, I have to congratulate George for his equally fresh demeanor. He seems calm and self-aware, a stark contrast to his younger persona, which he describes as “spikey.”  

As someone who was born after Culture Club’s prime years, I was not aware of Boy George’s fall, and I did not understand the significance of his second wind.

After (and during) his years as an eccentric and fabulous frontman, Boy George’s struggle with drug addiction was broadcast through a number of public incidents. He has been sober for 6 years, but was convicted of false-imprisonment in 2009.

A movie released just before his incarceration reveals an unhealthy, slightly agitated Boy George. He says, “hate the whole obsolescence thing.”

In comparison, today’s Boy George is startlingly at peace with himself and his surroundings, saying  “I’ve only discovered my off button quite recently.” He is producing solo music and has reunited with Culture Club. While he veers towards purporting himself as some kind of a guru, George’s persona radiates positivity.

Yes, he wears silly hats. But he also conquers major addiction problems.

Bravo, Karma Chameleon.