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College Kitchen: Mushrooms

Published December 4, 2014

Mushrooms, the bane of picky eaters at pizza parties, pack a savory, secret weapon: umami. Umami is the rich, “meaty” flavor that comes about when glutamates are in food. Though Dr. Kikunae...

College Kitchen: Quick pickle

Published November 20, 2014

After the supply of stale crackers and canned meat dwindles, coming across a cellar filled with preserved vegetables is a godsend in your typical post-apocalyptic narrative. Likewise, preserved vegetables...

Hard as Nails

Published November 16, 2014

As a nail biter, I miss out on the wonders of nail art. The insane quantity of nail-tutorial Youtube videos is a testament to the complexity of this genre of decoration. My unfortunate relationship to...

Homemade yogurt with berries, orange zest and honey make for a sweet snack or breakfast.

College Kitchen: Homemade Yogurt

Published November 13, 2014

Yogurt is arguably one of the most useful refrigerated products. Lauded for its gut-friendly bacteria, yogurt has many applications: It works as a tangy substitute for buttermilk and sour cream, and marinades...

hey… ive got a goat story for you

Published November 10, 2014

I had to respond to an email with the subject, “hey cecilia... ive got a goat story for you.” I hoped Minneapolis had lifted its ban on goats and someone was making a mean urban-backyard cheese,...

Boy George Wears Hats.

Published November 6, 2014

After watching one of Boy George’s new music videos, I was ready to write a gigglesome blogpost about his recent comeback. His new look reads “middle age man appreciates cosmetics.” It’s...

College Kitchen: Family Staples

Published November 6, 2014

Gathering around a heap of pasta lifts appetites and spirits. Noodles conjure memories of spaghetti dinners, sleepovers and family meals. Maybe the tomato’s natural MSG makes the dish accessible...

Stale Donuts: Isildur’s Bane

Published September 9, 2014

Many foods are eaten within a certain socially acceptable window of time to avoid a raised eyebrow or a condescending smile. Some designations are shrewd, for example, coffee before bedtime gives even...

Kale. The Sexiest Cabbage.

Published September 9, 2014

People have strong feelings about kale. Some see it as the bile of the earth, others use it daily, for homemade smoothies, lotions and hats. The bottom line is that kale is trendy. It has its own twitter...

Steven Universe, the Boy with Girl Power

Published September 7, 2014

At the age of 26, Rebecca Sugar became the  first solo female creator of a Cartoon Network program. Her show, “Steven Universe,” has just been renewed for a second season. I have seen...

Junior Chai Lee leads a group of students playing flute-like instrument called qeejs in a traditional Hmong art on Monday.

Little Mekong Night Market brings the Twin Cities to Asia

Published September 4, 2014

Just steps from the Green Line light rail sits a vibrant new night market that intends to showcase St. Paul’s Asian business and cultural district. This summer, the Asian Economic Development Association...

Quick and spicy guacamole from scratch.

College kitchen: DIY Tacos

Published September 4, 2014

  Taco night is easy and accessible — it’s an all-around good time. Tortillas, pre-shredded cheese, pre-cut lettuce and meat, seasoned with a packet of tasty powder. But what keeps the...