The Fashionista is in — Waste your time fashionably

Send your mouse to these chic sites.

by Kara Nesvig

Looks like the weather will be in the mid to high 50s for the rest of this week, so take advantage of it and dress up! IâÄôll probably be out with the camera again. Last year, I recommended several style blogs, and I know for a fact that a few of you took these Web sites and ran with them âÄî hopefully in the middle of lecture. So in the spirit of giving (at Har Mar Mall, Christmas hath taken over already) IâÄôve rounded up more Web sites worth adding to your Google reader and some that might make you fill up a virtual shopping cart of goodies. Start saving your pennies, because with the Gilt Groupe and its baby siblings Gilt Man and Gilt Fuse, youâÄôre going to need them. Imagine designer pieces from, say, Alexander McQueen , Vera Wang and Zac Posen for 75 percent off their retail price. ItâÄôs still relatively spendy from a whiny college kidâÄôs point of view, but when youâÄôre dealing with $3,000 coats or $700 cocktail dresses, Gilt is a godsend. ItâÄôs invite-only and the sales only last a day or two, so the demand is high. For the less plentiful of pocket, their âÄúalternativeâÄù little sister is Gilt Fuse, which offers more contemporary lines like Plenty by Tracy Reese. Fellow designer discount sites include:, where I got $70 Taverniti jeans last spring, and They not only offer crazy clothing deals but also deals on makeup, skincare and housewares. I loathe giving this URL away, but Shoes and Your Mom needs a mention. It was featured in In Style magazine anyway, so I guess the secretâÄôs out. Either way, this sales blog gets barely-used gems from stylists, rich girls who tire of shoes and bags after a week of use and the like and sells them to us for a fraction of their original cost. Many, many pairs of delicious 7.5 shoes have come my way but passed me by. Blogs Refinery 29âÄôs Pipeline blog has quickly become my go-to site for daily fashion news, cheeky lists, street styles and everything I could possibly want to know about models, accessories and movers and shakers in the fashion world. (Connie Wang, formerly of Eden Prairie, is a writer for the blog.) For a fix of pretty pictures of pretty people doing pretty things, I trust Niotillfem to deliver. ItâÄôs written in Swedish âÄî though there are occasional translations âÄî by the platinum-haired pixie girl Sandra. SheâÄôs got the loveliest life and clothes to match. Lately, my friends and I have found ourselves at MichaelâÄôs craft store almost three times a week. It started with Halloween craftiness but has turned into something completely different. WeâÄôre ripping seams and dyeing jeans like crazy. Therefore, IâÄôve found inspiration from fashion-centric DIY blogs like P.S. I Made This and Vamoose. Not only are their creators incredibly talented and imaginative, but the things that come from those capable hands never fail to impress and amaze. Consider your own creativity sparked. Locally, The Fashion Critic is the pet project of local stylist and girl-about-town Jane Belfry (nee Magnitude) and photographer Jenn Cress . Jane posts of editorials from various publications that inspire her, but I like to see their collaborations. Another local endeavor is Runway Rundown, which recreates straight-off-the-runway looks for a lot less. It just keeps getting easier and easier to look like a Balmain model, doesnâÄôt it? Last but not least is Jahna PeloquinâÄôs local fashion/shopping/music blog Le Petit Connaisseur de la Mode. SheâÄôs the fashion writer for and a freelance stylist, but she manages to keep her readers in the know every week.