Voter ID bill moves to House floor

John Hageman

The state House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee approved a bill Monday that would put the contentious voter ID amendment on the ballot in November, sending it to the House floor, according to the Star Tribune. 

The bill, if passed by the Legislature, would put the question of whether voters should be required to show photo identification at the polls as a constitutional amendment ballot measure. The amendment would need to be approved by voters in November.

The bill was approved along party lines after a tense debate about the bill's wording and the potential for disenfranchising absentee voters and military personnel.

When House Majority Leader Matt Dean moved to a vote, House Minority Leader Paul Thissen said, "On a vote to suppress voting, it's interesting you're suppressing debate," according to the Strib.

The House is expected to vote on the bill Tuesday evening.

Student representitives have lobbied against the bill, saying that it would make it harder for students who move a lot and don't have proper identification to vote.