U opera show to get airtime on TPT

Katherine Lymn

By Marjorie Otto

The University of Minnesota’s University Opera Theatre production of "Parables" will be shown on Twin Cities Public Television for the next two weekends. With the new, strikingly cold weather, what better way to spend your weekend then to watch an opera?

"Parables," directed by David Walsh and composed by Kathy Saltzman Romey, who are both University School of Music professors, was originally presented in April at Ted Mann Concert Hall. It is a work by Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein, Grammy Award winning composers and librettists.

"Parables" is a work centered around the idea of religious and racial intolerance.  It is centered mostly on the differences between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. To add to the idea of diversity, this work includes parts in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek. With a cast of more than 200 people, this piece was one of the largest shows put on by the U.

This weekend it will be shown on TPT 2 at 8pm on October 28.  It will also be shown Sunday, November 4 on TPT MN at 8am and 2pm and on TPT LIFE at 12pm.