Band profile: Ego Death

Joesph Cristo

Ego Death, the Minneapolis “punkish” three piece, features singer/songwriter Jeremy Warden, bassist Bree Meyer and drummer Seth Tracy. They recently headlined a show with touring New York band Adult Mom and New Jersey based Forth Wanderers at secret DIY venue Licorice Beach. They’ve toured the Midwest, become perennial local radio favorites and are gearing up for a tour of the East Coast this fall. Their rise is imminent.


Ego Death is by far one of my favorite bands in the Twin Cities, mostly because they mix the urgency of punk rock with pop-inspired vocal melodies but can shift into the heaviest band in the world whenever they want. Jeremy’s low-key delivery mixes the drawl of Dinosaur Jr. with the vocal gymnastics of Lucinda Williams. Both Seth and Jeremy also play in the hard-hitting punk rock band Wretch as well, which you should also try to see live. As far as local music goes, it doesn’t really get better than them, so look no further. (I promise they didn’t pay me to write this, just sorta a super-fan).


On June 17 they will be supporting Minneapolis favorites Catbath at the 331. Straya, who just released a new EP as well, will be opening the bill. If you get a chance, check out their new EP, “Daze” — which includes the plodding and sludgy “Deceiver” — and follow it up with the bouncy-pop of their new single, “Orange Soda”.


Check out their video for “Orange Soda” here: