Lewd exposure clouds crime in warm weather

Tom Lopez

University Police investigated nine separate incidents of disorderly conduct this week, up from previous weeks. A wide range of criminal activity falls under the label of disorderly conduct, from wild parties to panhandling to T-room activities.
“It covers a pretty broad spectrum,” said Sgt. Jo Anne Benson of the University Police Department.
Warmer weather moving parties from the living room to the front yard and bringing panhandlers out onto the sidewalk might have contributed to the increase of these incidents.
Outside of disorderly conduct cases, University police dealt with more bizarre incidents, ranging from indecent exposure to cattle herding.

ù Police are currently investigating an incident of lewd behavior.
A man entered a building near the University and asked for directions. A woman there told him that she didn’t know the answer to his question, but allowed him to use the phone. When he had finished with the phone, he began masturbating and ejaculated on the floor. The woman told the suspect to leave, which he did.

ù In a second incident of indecent exposure, a man allegedly drove up to a pair of women and stopped next to them while they were walking.
According to police reports, the suspect showed them his penis and continued to drive next to them as they walked. After a few minutes, he drove off.
A check on the vehicle, a green Toyota Camry, revealed that it was stolen.

ù University Police were dispatched to secure a cow that had wandered out of a University barn on the St. Paul campus. The cow was found outside of the barn, having escaped through an open gate. Dispatch attempted to contact beef barn personnel, but were unsuccessful. Two veterinarians from Lewis Hospital arrived and put the cow in the closest barn.
University Police also searched for any other cows that might have gotten loose, but were unable to find any.
The gate was then secured.