Daily Digest: BP shakeup, Chilean miners, UT shooting

Katherine Lymn

Two days before taking over as the company’s CEO, BP managing director Robert Dudley announced both a new safety division in response to the oil spill mistake and the resignation of Andy Inglis, who was previously in charge of sealing the well in the Gulf of Mexico, the New York Times reports. The new division is a sign of the company’s goal “to absorb some lessons from the explosion,” Dudley said, and will focus on risk management and contract agreements, according to the article.

The 33 Chilean miners trapped underground may see rescue up to a month sooner than expected, as one drill made twice the progress expected on Tuesday, the Associated Press reports. The miners have been trapped since Aug. 5, and officials said a rescue effort may be prepared as soon as Oct. 12. Officials warned of possible complications before then, including unmapped “mine or rock layers,” according to the AP.

A sophomore math major at the University of Texas – Austin opened fire on campus Tuesday morning, eventually killing himself in the library. No one else was injured, reported NBC DFW. 19-year-old Colton Tooley was armed with an AK-47 when he began his rampage at about 8:00 a.m. Officials have yet to determine Tooley’s motive, but confirmed he acted alone.