The Fashionista is in – The young and the chic-est

Jane Magnitude’s a local stone fox, and check out the world’s most stylish little kid

IâÄôm not sure if you were aware, what with all the Hollister and North Face roaming around the city and the too-short trousers and horrific, 1995-era kitten-heeled mules I see tromping around the skyway, but there are some pretty chic folks dwelling within our fair city. I, of course, think itâÄôs only right to spotlight them, so today I present to you the first of the fashionable, the lovely Jane Magnitude. WhoâÄôs Jane? I first became aware of her through Lookbook, where she posts pictures of herself looking like a âÄô60s-era rock starâÄôs girlfriend, and then I noticed she was from Minneapolis. Jane was nice enough to take some time out from running her online store, Magnitude Vintage, to chat with me and here are some of the highlights. (The rest can be found on the A&E Blog.) How would you describe your style? A highly stylized, dark, rock âÄònâÄô roll version of a 1960s socialite. Where are your favorite places to shop in the Twin Cities? Why? One of my absolute favorite stores here is Go Vintage. ItâÄôs in St. Paul and it is immaculately clean and everything is organized by decade. They have beautiful vintage wear and fabulous shoes & jewelry. It is definitely my go-to spot in the Twin Cities when I need something to wear to an event. I also absolutely love GH2 in Northeast. They have an amazing selection of designer pieces and the staff is always very knowledgeable. What are your ultimate fashion dos and donâÄôts? Figure out what suits your body type. Find a signature look. You can never go wrong with black. A killer pair of 5-inch heels will always pull a look together. Invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style. DonâÄôt ever put a look together with pieces that are all from the same store. We have enough Urban Outfitters store mannequins walking around the Twin Cities already. On any given day, what are you most likely wearing? Almost every day I wear some variation of a black dress, a pair of Christian Louboutin ankle boots, a fitted leather jacket and a black pashmina. WhatâÄôs an item of clothing you wish would go away forever? Bubble hem dresses, I cannot stress this enough. No one looks good in a bubble hem dress! Living in Minnesota and dressing the way you do, do you get weird looks on the street from the less fashionable? All the time. I went to Barnes & Noble this winter in leather skinny pants, a silver fox fur coat, and 5-inch-heeled boots. I think it must have been 3 or 4 in the afternoon. There were some very confused/concerned looks thrown my way that day. If I were in a city the size of New York, no one would have looked twice. (Jane can be found on eBay: and on her blog, Something I stumbled upon recently during my fashion-centric Internet surfing and wanted to draw your attention to is the worldâÄôs most fashionable 8-year-old ever, who actually had me both stunned and pleasantly surprised. Arlo Weiner is the son of the creator of a very stylish TV show, âÄúMad Men,âÄù and got kudos from GQ magazine for his passion for fashion. Seriously, if this kid is 8 and can dress like he does, canâÄôt you 22-year-olds step up your game? The âÄúLA TimesâÄù calls him a âÄúclothespony,âÄù mentioning that young Arlo was desperate for a monocle (yes, I said a monocle) and gets several pieces of his wardrobe custom-made by designers and finds pieces in Old Hollywood costume shops to suit his dandy style. WhatâÄôs up now, boys? Do you really want an 8-year-old to trump you in the style department? As you probably already know theyâÄôre bringing a sequel to last summerâÄôs label brigade âÄúSex and the CityâÄù movie to screens. I didnâÄôt approve of the last and I wonâÄôt approve of this one. What was so charming about the seriesâÄô clothing, because of the styling genius of fire-engine redhead Patricia Field , was its mixture of vintage, thrift and designer. The movie, whose shoe-centric, Cosmo-swilling pink promotion drove me nuts, lacked all that. Everything that foursome wore was designer, from CharlotteâÄôs hideous âÄúGucci Loves New YorkâÄù bag to CarrieâÄôs ridiculous, over-the-top wedding gown. Even that âÄúlabel-less suitâÄù she wore to her real wedding was vintage Dior! IâÄôm all for a little product placement, but the constant barrage of Gucci, Pucci, Fendi and Prada gets a little old.