U starts up bed bug hotline

by Matt Herbert


Entomologists at the University of Minnesota have established bed bug phone and email hotlines for a new bed bug resource center that will offer guidance on how to deal with bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs have had a recent resurge in North America as a result of increased travel, changing insecticide use and the lack of public awareness.

In addition to the hotlines, experts at the University will conduct seminars throughout the state for landlords, hotel managers and consumers.

Bed bugs are oval, flat, brown and wingless insects that are about the size of a wood tick. If the bed bug has consumed blood, the coloring may change to a purplish-red color. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of people and certain animals, and they require these blood meals to grow and reproduce. Bed bugs are typically most active at night and some people break out in a rash, while others see few symptoms beyond a red spot.

The phone line for the University’s new bed bug center is 612-624-2200 or visit their website.