Culture Compass — Dandy Warhols, The Books and Bassnectar

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, punk.

by Sally Hedberg


Dandy Warhols

Fine Line Music Cafe

8 p.m.



If you havenâÄôt listened to the Dandy Warhols in the last fifteen years, then I have to sadly assume that you just donâÄôt enjoy music. Because thereâÄôs nothing not to love about their sexy, tripped-out variation of rock and undiluted vision of the hedonistic young-adult world. Hedonism, after all, is the best part of youth. So itâÄôs refreshing when thereâÄôs a band that has no delusions about that fact. They end up communicating some raw, honest truth, and in such a pessimistic world, sometimes thatâÄôs all ya got!



The Books

Cedar Cultural Center

8 p.m.



The experimental, sound-bending duo is back on the scene with both a new album and a tour. Their inventive approach to language and noise is something thatâÄôs sure to provide for an intriguing live show at the Cedar.





9 p.m.



Minneapolis had better prepare for California DJ Bassnectar. His electronic-infused club music is catchy, dynamic and practically impossible not to rave to. Head to Epic in your undoubtedly awesome costumes and rage it likes thereâÄôs no tomorrow.




Listen to this: Small Craft on a Milk Sea – Brian Eno

YouâÄôll have to wait until Tuesday to grab this one, but when you do youâÄôll surely appreciate it, if youâÄôre an Eno fan (which you really should be if youâÄôre not). The legendary producer has gone through so many musical shifts in his career that it can be overwhelming to approach his work. While instrumental, this album takes a more active tone, and thereâÄôs enough sick synthy rhythms and electric guitar to keep me happy. Read Andrew PenkalskiâÄôs review for more on the album.


Drink this: Surly Wet

Local brewery Surly has dropped yet another delicious brew, this time in the form of an American IPA, that is, an American India Pale Ale. Loaded with hops and characteristically bold flavors, youâÄôd be a fool not to head down to Pracna and experience the smooth grainy beverage for yourself this Halloween weekend.


Eat this: Halloween cupcakes at Cupcake

We may not be able to get a sweet tooth fix from trick-or-treating, but we certainly can from eating festive cupcakes. One bite into a Pumpkin Cream cupcake from Cupcake and youâÄôll forget all about the brutality of the impending post-Halloween party hangover.


Watch this: Kanye WestâÄôs epic music video, âÄúRunawayâÄù

Whether you think heâÄôs a whack-job or a genius, KanyeâÄôs left us scratching our heads yet again, this time in response to the release of his new 35-minute music video. I wonâÄôt give anything away, but the rapper is clearly trying to tackle some heavy symbolism, and while visually captivating, itâÄôs hard to take seriously as some profound emblematic mechanism. Kanye, however, has extremely high hopes for his production and has professed via Twitter, âÄúI want to bring the Runaway film to Broadway! I can see it. I can feel it. Sometimes I canâÄôt sleep cause my thoughts are racing!!!âÄù If Tracy, I mean, Kanye keeps up at this pace, an EGOT could very well be in his bright future.


Read this: Palo Alto: Stories by James Franco

The painfully beautiful James of all trades takes a stab at literary acclaim in his first-ever published collection of stories. As humorous as we all know him to be, one might find it hard to approach Franco as a man of scholarly knowledge, but that would only be because youâÄôre misinformed. First off, the soon-to-be Dr. Franco, is in fact, a man of Yale. Secondly, who cares; itâÄôs James Franco!