University freshman victim of alleged rape at fraternity party

A University freshman was allegedly raped Sept. 29 during a party at the Zeta Psi fraternity.
The unnamed victim was intoxicated at the time of the assault, according to a witness who spoke to The Minnesota Daily on condition of anonymity.
At about 10 p.m., the 18-year-old victim was taken into the fraternity house’s attic by the alleged assailant, the witness said.
Though police said they have a suspect, there have not yet been any arrests. The suspect was also unnamed according to the police report.
After the alleged rapist emerged from the attic, he immediately left the house, the witness said. The victim came downstairs several minutes later. Blood was on her arm and she was crying hysterically, according to the witness.
Police arrived on the scene soon after and the victim was rushed to the hospital, the witness said.
The suspect is not a member of Zeta Psi but was just there for the party, the witness said.
Fraternity President Chad West would not comment on the incident and Zeta Psi Alumni President John Stacy could not be reached.
The Minneapolis Police Sex Crimes Unit is investigating the alleged assault.

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