U approves new contract for Local 320 Teamsters

by Liz Kohman

The Teamsters union Local 320 and the University are one step away from finalizing their contract agreement.

The union, which represents 1,300 University food service workers, mechanics, maintenance workers and farm animal attendants, has already approved the contract.

The new contract will be effective until June 30, 2003, and provide all employees with a 60 cent raise, a lump sum payment equivalent to 1 percent of their annual salary and entrance into the University’s new insurance plan.

“The contract was passed by a majority of members,” said Sue Mauren, secretary-treasurer of Local 320. “There were some good things about this contract.”

Mauren said the 60 cent raise was a “pretty hefty increase” for most union members.

Under the new contract, union members will also receive a 3 percent raise effective July 1, and employees who work more than part time will earn a minimum of $12 per hour after one year of employment, effective June 30, 2003.

The Board of Regents discussed the contract Thursday in the Faculty, Staff and Student Affairs Committee, and the regents will vote on the agreement Friday.

“It does feel like a win-win situation,” Regent David Metzen said about the contract.

-Liz Kohman