Support the fossil fuel divestment resolution

In the second week of December, Minneapolis City Council members will be voting on the fossil fuel divestment resolution. More than 30 cities in the United States have already passed similar resolutions. Minneapolis needs to be the next city.

Fossil fuel divestment means taking investment out of the top companies holding reserves in coal, oils and natural gas. This will ultimately reduce deadly carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere and the air that we breathe. It will also give institutions and individuals more opportunities to invest in clean energy, such as wind or solar.

If this resolution is passed, there could be a powerful and positive impact on social, political and economic change in our daily lives. One of the most effective ways to get this resolution passed is very simple: talk directly with the people in office making the decision. You can do this by contacting your own counselor and letting them know that you support them in supporting this resolution.

Climate change does play a role in this resolution, but there is so much more to it than that. As human beings, we need to recognize our impact on the world and our ability to undo damages and prevent further fossil fuel usage through not only technological innovations, but political, social and economic change. Will you be a part of this change and call your city representative about fossil fuel divestment?