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Editorial Cartoon: Peace in Gaza
Editorial Cartoon: Peace in Gaza
Published April 19, 2024

The Fashionista is in: Winter makeup

Thanksgiving has passed, which means that itâÄôs totally appropriate to start compiling your seasonal wish lists. And though you probably shouldnâÄôt keep your fingers crossed for a whirlwind romance with Ryan Gosling (please, Santa?) what is realistic to fawn over is makeup. I mean, whatâÄôs not to love? If thereâÄôs any time to splurge on that Chanel lipstick youâÄôve been eyeing, itâÄôs now âÄî especially taking into account this winterâÄôs lively makeup trends. HereâÄôs the 411 on fall/winter face candy.


Winter style is all about physical and visual texture, so itâÄôs no surprise that âÄî along with all of the velvet, sequins, leather, fur and metallic fabric âÄî there is an emphasis on metallic eye color. Executing the metallic eye to perfection is fairly simple: Stick to earthier tones. As fun as that tub of magenta pigment may look on the shelf of the makeup counter, itâÄôs not very practical (or refined) when transferred to your lids. Stick with copper, silver or brassy hues. ThereâÄôs such a thing as sleek and standout without looking gaudy or tasteless. You want to shimmer, not induce seizures. MACâÄôs selection never fails.

Heavy brows

The âÄò90s are back in and with them full, shapely brows. DonâÄôt fret: This doesnâÄôt necessarily mean that you have to wax. I know all too well the agony and patience required to grow your brows out long enough to be shaped professionally. It can be impossible. However modern cosmetics have provided us with alternative routes. One easy tip: Use a brow brush. It may seem silly or high maintenance, but it works. If you choose to use a brow pencil or highlighter, thereâÄôs one golden rule to follow: Match the color perfectly. It can be tempting to pick up the drugstore options, but if you want the effect to be flawless, IâÄôd strongly suggest heading to the counters or somewhere an expert can ID the product to your brow shade accurately.

Orange Lips

Vampy lips are an alluring trend that never goes out of style, but the most common approach is that of the deep, scarlet red. Red lips are beautiful, but this season itâÄôs all about orange. Look no further than the stunning Rooney Mara spread in last monthâÄôs Vogue if you have any doubts. If your complexion is more pale or olive-toned, stick to the lighter, brighter shades of tangerine or coral (personal endorsement: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Sari dâÄôEau). If your complexion is darker, go bold.

Nude Makeup

If I have one relentless pet peeve about winter style, it is overzealous bronzing (whether it be from UV rays or from a compact). Glowing skin can be sexy, yes, but not when itâÄôs overdone and not necessarily 365 days a year. I know it may be difficult to accept, but a fresh face is 100 times prettier than the orange horror thatâÄôs so omnipresent on our campus. Additionally, emphasizing your true skin tone provides a better palate for cheek and eye makeup. Just take a deep breath, walk out of that Planet Beach, and no one gets hurt.


Dry air means dry skin and lips. If youâÄôre a person that wears makeup you need to consider that the base for your product is most effective when smooth and toned, not scratchy and wind-burned. You donâÄôt need to drop a lot of dough to get an effective daily moisturizer; anything from Target will do. Just make sure thereâÄôs no alcohol listed in the ingredients, as that will only exacerbate any conditions of dry skin.

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