Senate passes bill allowing beer at TCF Bank Stadium

by John Hageman

The Minnesota Senate approved a bill Wednesday that would allow beer to be sold in certain areas of TCF Bank Stadium, according to the Star Tribune. 

The omnibus liquor bill includes a provision that allows beer to be sold in the stadium's suites as well as a designated "beer garden" somewhere near or in the stadium. The House's omnibus liquor bill contains a similar provision, and could be heard sometime this week. 

The provision comes out of a battle between the University and the Legislature about where beer should be sold in the stadium. 

The University originally wanted to sell beer in stadium suites only, a move some legislators called elitist. 

Instead, the University opted against selling alcohol in the stadium at all. Any change in that policy would have to come from the Board of Regents even if the Legislature passes it. 

Board Chair Linda Cohen told the Minnesota Daily earlier this week that she thought the new proposal was a "very good idea."