Fashionista special report: Black Friday shopping

Tips and tricks to navigating the worst day to visit the MOA.

What more could you want after stuffing yourself silly on Thanksgiving than to rise at 4 a.m. and stand in line with a bunch of middle-aged moms hungry for some mediocre deals? If youâÄôre looking to make some big-budget buys like TVs or couches for some penthouse apartment in Dinkytown, then Black Friday is definitely worth your while. And if youâÄôre a smart, savvy shopper, you can save money and knock off a bunch of your holiday list before lunch. HereâÄôs a Fashionista-endorsed handy dandy guide to Black Friday. 1. Fuel up. Eat breakfast. If hardcore shopping is on your itinerary in the wee hours of Nov. 27, then please eat accordingly. Everyone else will be cranky and stressed, so carbs and caffeine will keep you chipper and perky when someone steals the last Nintendo DSi out of your hands. 2. If you go with your mom, learn when to bite your tongue. IâÄôve overheard more than my fair share of ugly tiffs between moms and their progeny. Then again, learn when to tell her that $79 leather jacket is ugly and your dad will hate it. Sometimes we get blinded by deals. 3. DonâÄôt get hypnotized by low prices. Sometimes, the âÄúgreat gift ideasâÄù stores like MacyâÄôs are hawking are, well, crap. Nobody needs an aroma therapeutic foot bath, even if it is only $19.99. 4. Make a list. Think of people on your list and consider what they actually want. DonâÄôt buy just to buy. 5. Look for stocking stuffers versus big-ticket items. Target offers $5 DVDs and theyâÄôre perfect for last-minute gifts for people you might have forgotten, cousins or coworkers. 6. DonâÄôt get trampled! Every year, someone seems to get crushed in the rush. DonâÄôt let it be you. Watch your back. 7. The night before you go out, sort through the Black Friday flyers sent out with the paper. Or check out Web Sites like and, which have all major retailersâÄô big promotions conveniently online. 8. If you have a store credit card or subscribe to their e-mail updates, make sure you check and see if there are any Black Friday deals coming your way. Sometimes, these retailers offer special subscriber-only goodies or an extra percentage off. 9. Local shopping websites like will definitely be lending sage wisdom to the best deals around the metro. If youâÄôre serious about spending, then keep an eye on them. 10. Lastly, make a budget. DonâÄôt spend more than you can afford. Even though shopping is our president-endorsed civic duty to save the economy, it isnâÄôt worth plunging yourself into debt. Local deals I called a few of my favorite shops to scope out their Black Friday deals. EdinaâÄôs Len Druskin Outlet is famous for its Black Friday sale. It opens at 5 a.m., and for every $25 you spend before 1 p.m., youâÄôre given a chance to enter drawings for gift certificates. Covered pens an hour earlier than normal, at 10 a.m., and will offer 30 percent off your entire purchase until noon, when it drops to 20 percent. BlackBlueâÄôs merchandise is 10 percent off all day. (Boyfriend gift alert!) Doorbusters at Off 5th Saks outlet start on Wednesday.