14 cited for minor consumption

Also, police arrested a man with outstanding bench warrants.

Andrew Penkalski

University of Minnesota police issued citations for minor consumption to 14 individuals, eight of whom are University students, Friday evening in Territorial Hall. Officers responded to a report of an alcohol violation in the residence hall at approximately 11:30 p.m., according to the police report. Upon arrival at the room, officers noticed the strong smell of alcoholic beverages. Numerous open cans of beer and bottles of alcohol were found in the room as well. According to the report, officers issued the citations and then disposed of the alcohol. The amount of minor consumption citations issued on campus usually increases during the spring, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. Officers conducted a sobriety test on one juvenile present at the party. After exhibiting a blood alcohol content of 0.00 percent, officers allowed her to leave. Man arrested for three outstanding warrants University police arrested a man with three outstanding warrants early Sunday morning after witnessing the individual in a Dinkytown fight. Officers on patrol apprehended 21-year-old Fernando Sanchez after noticing him and another individual fighting near the intersection of 14th Avenue Southeast and fourth Street Southeast, according to the police report. The three outstanding bench warrants consisted of several misdemeanors, including possession of identity of another person and driving without a valid license. Most officers will run searches for outstanding warrants in situations such as this, Miner said.