The Fashionista is in – Dear campus, you smell!

Quit wearing A&F Fierce, for the love of God

Perfume is important. It can be evocative, like catching a whiff of your grandpa’s cigar smoke, your high school girlfriend’s body spray or the suntan lotion you used as a kid. It can be a seduction device, a room-clearer, and a gateway drug to designer labels. (Perfume and sunglasses are the most accessible designer goodies and often open the door towards handbags and shoes.) So, in the name of eau de cologne, I present to you the ins and outs scents. Firstly, there are several scents we must immediately veto. If you have anything stamped with a celebrity name (save Glow by J.Lo and Britney’s Curious, which are surprisingly decent), get it off your bathroom counter. Paris Hilton should not ever be allowed near a perfumery; what smell is she giving off? Hairspray, Red Bull, and last night’s bedroom romping? Also, it’s time to trade in the Victoria’s Secret stuff you wore in junior high, and boys, everything manufactured by Abercrombie & Fitch needs to go. Okay, so now that we’ve got the nasty stuff gone, it’s time to go shopping. I like Sephora for guys and girls. They alphabetize their wares, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Low budget? Places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx are also treasure troves for discounted fragrances, in case you’re not thrilled with paying $60 for a 1.7 oz bottle. What are some college-age classics, the “can’t go wrong” superheroes of scent? For ladies: Chanel Chance/Chance Eau Fraiche Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Marc’s huge splashes, in scents like Rain and Cucumber, are perfect for the hot weather. For boys: Azzaro Chrome, Acqua di Gio and Dolce & Gabbana are sexy, but my favorite on a man is “deodorant/soap/fresh air/a little bit of whiskey/sweat.” Spray it on your pulse points: wrists, behind one ear, and behind your knees (heat and scent rise). Don’t bathe in it, but don’t go too easy on it either. Find your own balance. Another reason I’m obsessed with perfume is the rising prevalence and popularity of both perfume critics (The New York Times has one, Chandler Burr) and perfume blogs like Now Smell This. There’s an ever-growing community of everyday fanatics like myself, and if you’re one of those seduced by scent, recommended reading is Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’s “Perfumes: A Guide,” as well as Burr’s reviews for the TimesâÄô T Blog. They’re entertaining and educated at the same time. Now to the readers. Here’s a letter I received from Fashionista reader Amanda: Thanks for helping me make it through class every Tuesday. I have so much trouble finding jeans that fit amazingly, what are some places you recommend I try? (I don’t want to spend over $100 a pair). ItâÄôs getting harder to find jeans for under $100. Luckily, Forever 21 has lots of cute styles, but they are not very hardy. If long term use is what youâÄôre going for, there are lots of places you can get a spectrum of designer jeans for $100 and less. TJ Maxx in St. Louis Park has a great selection of designer denim. I got a pair of Hudsons there last year for $60 (they retail for about $180). Hudsons are great if you want to accentuate your butt because the triangle flaps give you a little boost. Hudsons come in all sorts of washes and styles. TheyâÄôre so popular that mine were stolen by a guy friend! Off Saks downtown is fantastic, even for denim. They always have jeans on sale – Joe’s, True Religions, Sevens, J. Brands. It depends on what you want in a pair. J. Brands are good for curvy girls and for super-skinnies (lots of stretch and no stuff on the pockets; they are very classic/sophisticated). All of these brands usually retail at Off Saks around $120 or less, and they’re usually having promotions, like 30% off the entire store. Joe’s Jeans come in many different styles: Provocateur is for petities, Cigarettes are slim, Honey is for chicks with a butt, etc. I like the Socialite fit myself. Len Druskin Outlet in Southdale (Edina) is another discount store with a wide variety of denim. I’ve never tried on jeans from J. Crew, but I do like the way they look. Since you said you want skinnies, try their Matchstick. They’re all around $98, and remember, we get a 15% student discount. If you like to dig, Tatters and Everyday People have tons of denim. Their sizing is a little off, though. You really have to try on to make sure. Happy shopping!