Attackers break student’s leg; cars vandalized over weekend

After they beat him, the attackers hit the student with their car before driving away.

Andy Steinke

.A University student was beaten and later hit by a car when he went with friends to a Minneapolis bar early Saturday morning, the student said.

Psychology student Chad Martin, 22, went with two friends to the Rail Station Bar and Grill on Minnehaha Avenue South near the Hiawatha Line for drinks Saturday around 1:30 a.m., and ended up at Hennepin County Medical Center with a broken leg.

When the three arrived at the bar, Erin Addis, 23, the driver of their car, tried to pull into the parking lot behind the bar, but ran into problems doing so.

“When we pulled into the parking lot, there was a group of at least 10 guys standing there not letting us get through the parking lot,” she said.

Nicholas Anderson, 25, the other passenger, said about four of the men who were blocking the lot entrance ran over to the car after Addis forced the car through the crowd to park.

Addis tried to lock the doors when Martin and Anderson saw the men coming over, but she was too late.

“One guy ran up to the passenger door and opened it, and I got hit,” Anderson said.

Addis opened her door to get out, but Martin told her to get back in the car. Martin was then taken to the ground and also hit, Anderson said.

During the melee, another man at the bar came over to see what was going on and dropped the bike he had near the open driver’s door.

When Addis got back into the car to drive away, the bike became lodged in the door, and eventually the wheel well and the car was immobilized.

Anderson was able to make it inside the bar to get help, and after the attackers ran away Addis checked on Martin before also going into the bar.

Martin said he isn’t sure why the men took off, but thinks it was because people were starting to come outside to see what was happening.

Martin said he was able to get up and call 911, but the fight wasn’t over.

“On their way out of the parking lot, they saw me standing there on the phone, and they swerved to hit me,” he said.

Martin was hit by the car and then taken to the medical center with a broken shin bone, and now has a steel rod in his leg.

He said he was being discharged Tuesday after more than three days in the hospital.

None of the three knew why the men wanted to hurt them.

“It was completely random,” Addis said. “It was unprovoked. We didn’t know any of them or say anything to any of them.”

Five cars near Comstock Hall vandalized

The glass-breaking vandalism around campus that started last week in Dinkytown continued when five cars parked near Comstock Hall were damaged Sunday morning.

The cars, parked at meters on East River Road, all had both passenger-side windows broken, according to one car owner.

Angela Smith, 31, said the five cars all had both passenger-side windows, which were facing the sidewalk, busted out.

“My doors weren’t unlocked, and nothing was stolen,” she said. “It was a pointless act of vandalism.”

Jonathan Larsen, 21, had his windows broken as well, but said he didn’t notice anything missing from his car either.

He was able to get his windows replaced Tuesday, he said. The total cost: $375.88.