We need to find renewable solutions

There is much debate today over whether or not we can power tomorrow’s world with sources other than fossil fuels. The fact of the matter is that we absolutely have to do so. First up, there is the fact that eventually we will have to face basic supply and demand principles. There is only a finite amount of fossil fuels the planet can produce. As those resources are diminished, energy prices will rise, meaning higher prices at the pump and on the utility bill. If we want to avoid a hard landing, it makes good sense to wean ourselves off of these sources before we’re kicked off of them. However, we can’t afford to dawdle in making this transition.

The mention of greenhouse gas emissions is, perhaps for many, the point at which eyes glaze over and comatose ensues. However, we need to wake up. Peer-reviewed climate science at this point is undeniable and is something that needs to be put on the shelf so that we can focus on the real issues. We’re rapidly approaching a point beyond what is a radically different climate and gambling big on the fact that we won’t pass it. The problem is that we’re not doing much to put on the brakes. Instead we’re speeding forward without signs of stopping.

We need to start working together to find and implement realistic renewable energy sources, not nay-saying viable options at every turn. It is absolutely possible to integrate renewable energies into the grid. Progress is being made across the board to make renewables more efficient, affordable and reliable. The truth is we’ll need a mix of options in order to keep this country going. It is a realistic goal, and we need to find out how to do so as soon as possible.