Be safe and prevent crime

Everyone should work together to stop the rising crime around campus.

by Editorial board

There have been far too many muggings and break-ins around the University of Minnesota neighborhoods recently. From several armed robberies to peeping Toms to students getting shot with pellet guns, this pattern needs to stop. There have already been at least six serious crimes in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood this month, according to the Minnesota Daily. The offenses vary from burglary to assault. For more than a year, a peeping Tom has disturbed the Southeast Como area, including recent incidents. Several students have been victim to robberies while simply walking through a neighborhood, and the robberies have involved violence. As students at the University, this is our home, and we should be able to feel safe here. In order to do this, we must put a stop to the recurring crimes and demand a safe community. The University should be involved in this process. Whether it increases University of Minnesota Police Department patrols or advertises its safe walk escort service more, these improvements must be made. Creating a more prominent presence of the UMPD in the surrounding neighborhoods would help students feel safer and hopefully decrease the amount of robberies. As students, we should utilize the safe walk service provided by the UMPD, which offers someone to walk you from campus to a nearby location. In addition to using the UMPD services, students should make sure to always walk in groups if possible. Walking alone increases chances of running into trouble. The city of Minneapolis should be involved by making sure all streets are properly lit. Together, the University and its students can make campus and the surrounding neighborhoods safer.