Eat this — five easy steps for New Year’s resolution eating

by Lucy Nieboer

As the champagne toasts fade to distant memories, sticking to resolutions can be hard. So, you don't make it to the gym every day of the week? Forget to stay up-to-date with your podcast playlist? Leave dirty dishes in the sink? So what. If you're going to stick to any resolutions, stick to healthy eating. You'll feel better, be more productive and be able to report healthy eating habits to your doc. Win — win — win. 

1. Replace white foods with brown ones.

Opt for whole grains. You may see a higher calorie count on a bag of brown rice or loaf of whole wheat bread, but these choices take more energy to digest, have more protein and way more good-for-you fiber. 

2. Go green

The kale craze of 2012 may be behind us, but make sure to enjoy a daily dose of something leafy and green. Antioxidants, yum. 

3. Skip the secret stash

The easiest way to avoid unhealthy snacking — not buying unhealthy snacks. It's a lot easier to resist a bag of cheese puffs at the grocery story than it is home alone at 3 a.m.. 

4. Healthy habits

Don't make your New Year's eating plan a "diet." Diets are temporary and extreme. Slowly replace your unhealthy choices (sweets, chips, etc.) with better ones (fruits, nuts, yogurt). 

5. Treat yo' self

A Chips Ahoy! won't foil your efforts for the week, or even for the day. Don't let a little thing mess with the bigger picture. If you do treat your self, enjoy it.  Everything is okay in moderation.