The Fashionista is in — Spring break tips and Paris Fashion Week

The Fashionista guides haute spring-breakers to couture relaxation.

The clock is slowly ticking away the hours towards spring break âÄô09, and just like you, I canâÄôt wait to get the hell outta Dodge. Of course, I wonâÄôt be sunning myself on a Mexican beach because IâÄôve spent all my money on clothing. IâÄôve got a spring break treat for you and itâÄôs hiding online on the Daily website. Yes, thatâÄôs right, The Fashionista has gone to video. IâÄôll be doing a few video segments before the end of the school year, so make sure you keep checking back. This week, IâÄôm at Covered Uptown highlighting some major spring trends with the help of its owner, the always styling Stacy Larson, and my model, campusâÄôs very own Britt Tracy. Fashion Week Update: Paris The train I like to call Paris Fashion Week keeps on a-rollinâÄô, and as of press time only a few of the big heavy hitters had premiered their looks for fall: Givenchy, Christian Lacroix and Comme des Garçons, while the major houses like Chanel and Dior had yet to premiere. All fashion weeks, especially New York, have scaled back a lot from the elaborate runway shows and celebrity-laden guest lists in effort to save money, which just goes to show that in a recession, even lifestyles of the rich and famous have to adjust. However, my favorite celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe sat front row at Ungaro, and I can only imagine how Rach described the clothes: âÄúBananas?âÄù Or perhaps âÄúI die!âÄù All I know is that I want the chunky knit cerulean sweater with silver chain detail âĦ or some sort of cobbled together version of it once the trickle-down effect hits the Midwestern mall. Fashion bloggers hit the big cities Fashion weeks are industry insidersâÄô greatest way to âÄúsee and be seen,âÄù and I like to check out what theyâÄôre wearing with the help of a few pals named the The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, and The Face Hunter. These camera-wielders stalk the streets of New York, Milan and Paree in search of the chicest urbanites. Sort of like the