Pay cuts are unfair

by Michele Honderich

It is ironic that top administrators at the University of Minnesota are âÄúwillingâÄù to take a 2.3 percent pay decrease. Is this supposed to make us think they are doing something grand? If one should make $300,000, this would mean living on $6,900 less a year. However, if a janitor at the University makes $50,000 a year, his/her 1.15 percent pay decrease would mean $575 less to live on. Who do you think this pay decrease would impact more? The janitor. Thus, pay decreases across the board are unfair. Why is being an executive considered more important than a janitor in our society? Sit-ins in the âÄô60s were about more than just the Vietnam War. What I remember most about their impact was that everything shut down. Business could not continue as usual. Those in power paid attention. Labor union âÄústrikesâÄù have the same effect. This economic situation of making the very rich richer and everyone else poorer has got to stop somewhere. Michele Honderich, University undergraduate student