Street style: Stunting at Steve Aoki

On Friday, students ditched the maroon and gold for the Homecoming Concert — we thank them.

Long Zhang, Shaojin Jin, Paige Grebin and Shawn Lee pose for photos outside of TCF Bank Stadium on Friday, Oct. 5.

Image by Courtney Deutz

Long Zhang, Shaojin Jin, Paige Grebin and Shawn Lee pose for photos outside of TCF Bank Stadium on Friday, Oct. 5.

by Samir Ferdowsi

The wind was howling and the rain was beating down as fans lined up for the Steve Aoki and Bea Miller concert on Friday night. A sea of Gopheralls, crewneck sweatshirts and mittens swarmed TCF Bank Stadium.

Luckily, some University of Minnesota students decided the weather wasn’t going to stop them from stunting. A&E found four concert-goers who broke the mold and had some serious fashion sense. No pretenders here.

Paige Grebin
Freshman, public health major

What they wore: American Eagle jeans, PacSun shirt

Paige’s outfit had a definite Los Angeles skatepark vibe — with a Minnesotan twist. Mixing warmth with style is something that’s hard to do when you still want to remember summer, but sacrificing a little utility for style never hurt anyone. The turtleneck is an underutilized piece. When done right, it brings the perfect vintage flare to to any clothing combo. The rest? A classic Americana look for our generation.

Not pictured — an awesome drug-rug jacket (for when Aoki wasn’t on stage).

Shawn Lee

Sophomore, economics major

What they wore: Adidas trackpants, Supreme hoodie, Revenge X Storm shoes

Lee went all out for this one. With a fit that could be on the cover of a Complex article, his brand-sense is on point. A refreshing alternative to Vans, Lee’s reflective Revenge X Storms glistened greenish-purple as mist fell before Aoki’s set. The oversized Supreme hoodie looked just about as cozy as it gets.

Although the dream of any hypebeast is to rep one of these clothing items, Lee didn’t fall victim to hype.

“It’s just, you know, what I got. I didn’t get inspiration from anywhere,” Lee said.

Major respect for that.  

Shaojin Jin

Freshman, economics major

What they wore: A hype uniform by OBEY, Rick Owens shoes, Reebok shoulder bag, Boucheron jewelry

Shaojin Jin or ASAP Rocky? Looking straight out of a hip-hop music video, this dope combo was unique, but stuck to current trends. Not only warm, this jumpsuit matched industrial-fashion with high-end ice.

“I pay attention to what’s on Instagram and fashion news,” Jin said. “It’s where I get inspiration.”

Playing off others’ styles while keeping your own vibe is a hard game to play, but Jin nailed it. Wearing Rick Owens to a rave? This had to be a first.

Long Zhang

Junior, human resource development major

What they wore: H&M under-layer, jacket and accessories by Chinese brands (that she forgot)

While the other outfits were sweet, Long Zhang won the night. With a grunge-meets-modern-day aesthetic, no other outfit looked so professional. Paired with a choker and chain handbag, Zhang was ready for New York Fashion Week.

“I like dark inspiration and I wanted to keep with that aesthetic tonight,” Zhang said.

Black on black on black is a move that usually turns goth quick, but not here. The over-sized coat with writing all over is peak street style, and the punk accents bring it out of an HBX ad.

The only unfortunate part? Goldy winter hats and “fratagonia” pullovers were what this stunning look had to deal with in line.