Jon Huntsman to end presidential bid

by Nick Sudheimer

Jon Huntsman will end his presidential bid Monday and endorse front-runner Mitt Romney, according to a report from CNN.

The decision comes after Huntsman finished third in the New Hampshire primary.  The former Utah governor chose to skip the Iowa caucus, where he finished last, and focused his campaign on the New Hampshire primary.  Despite his efforts in New Hampshire, he finished behind Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Huntsman was expected to have little support in the upcoming South Carolina primary, although he did receive an endorsement from South Carolina’s largest newspaper, The State, early Sunday morning.

Huntsman’s endorsement of Romney will add momentum to Romney’s campaign, which won the first two Republican primaries.  Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Tim Scott, two South Carolina politicians, said if Romney wins in South Carolina he will likely guarantee himself the Republican nomination.  South Carolina has selected the eventual Republican nominee every time since 1980.  The primary is this Saturday.